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Random Events List

Emergency AidDefeat all opponents1.5
Prevention MeasuresDefeat all opponents1.5
Dangerous ClusterDefeat all opponents1.5
Chubby CrisisDefeat all opponents1.5
Increasing DangerDefeat all opponents and tear down the towers1.5
Eliminating the Hidden DangerDismantle the training equipment1.5
The PreyDefeat all opponents1.5
Strange MarkBlow away the strange mark with Anemo1.5
Key SuppliesDefeat the monsters threatening the supplies1.5
Trembling EarthDefeat all opponents1.5
No Honor Among ThievesDefeat all the Treasure Hoarders1.5
InfestationDefeat all opponents1.5
Answer Whose Summoning?Defeat Electro Cicin Mage1.5
Settling DebtsDefeat the Fatui Agent1.5
Blocked RoadDefeat all opponents and clear the obstacles1.5
Hilichurl NestDefeat all opponents1.5
Pudgy, Squidgy, Yet Not Edible!Defeat all opponents1.5

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