Adventurer Handbook: Chapter 3

Adventurer Handbook
Adventurer HandbookNameAdventurer Handbook
TitleChapter 3
Prev ChapterAdventurer Handbook: Chapter 2
Next ChapterAdventurer Handbook: Chapter 4


items per Page


Activate 10 Teleport Waypoints0 / 10
Adventure EXP100
Visit the Statue of The Seven at Dawn Winery0 / 1
Adventure EXP100
Crown of Parting1
Open 45 chests0 / 45
Adventure EXP100
Feather of Homecoming1
Hunt down a Ruin Guard0 / 1
Adventure EXP100
Mystic Enhancement Ore4
Have an item forged at the Blacksmith0 / 1
Adventure EXP100
Iron Chunk10
Process 3 ingredients0 / 3
Adventure EXP100
Raw Meat5
Level up a character to Lv. 200 / 1
Adventure EXP100
Adventurer's Experience8
Enhance an artifact to Lv. 40 / 1
Adventure EXP100
Goblet of the Sojourner1

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