Wonders of the World

Wonders of the World
Wonders of the WorldNameWonders of the World
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  1. Fortunately I always recorded the entries into my personal Sheet in every version update prior to v2.8 (thus I will call it as “old data”).
    I did some comparison and filtering between the old data and new data above, and my findings are:

    (Please mind that I opened this page per August 8th 2022. My post here most likely will be invalid sooner or later.)

    74 old entries are missing and 3 old entries have different naming in the new data.
    As for new entries, there are 46 (and yes, there are doubles but i post it anyway):

    (name) \ (description) \ (reward in primogem)
    …Let Me Fade With Memory \ Complete “Vimana Agama.” \ 10
    A Conversation with the Treasure Chest Owner \ Find the Aranara’s “Treasure Chest” \ 5
    A Leisurely Journey \ One should not miss out on the scenery along the way. \ 5
    A Once-Emerald Nursery \ Enter the Vanarana of yesteryear. \ 5
    A Walnut Tree Amidst the Gardens \ Ask Khayyam about the lost memories. \ 5
    As the Lion Searched for Courage… \ Find Arashakun’s lost “courage.” \ 5
    Call of the Nameless City \ Quiet the mysterious vellum. \ 5
    Call of the Nameless City \ Quiet the mysterious vellum. \ 5
    Eternal Sustenance \ Go with Varsha to visit the Aranara nursery in real life. \ 5
    Ever an Outcast in the Forest \ Now it’s all settled. \ 5
    Explorer \ Use Intensify reactions to recover what should have been lost. \ 5
    For Meritorious Service \ Offer help to many Aranara in the forest. \ 5
    Get Over Here! \ Shoot down a flying Fungus. \ 5
    Glittering Melody \ …They will carry this melody for generation after generation. \ 5
    Han Always Shoots First… \ …So don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. \ 5
    In the Name of Anfortas \ Visit the place where the heroes met their end. \ 5
    Kara’s Child \ Drift freely in the forest. \ 5
    Master Chef: Vanarana \ Help Arapacati’s brothers with their “Supreme Delicacies.” \ 5
    Music of the Forest \ You seem to have the potential to be a “song gatherer”… \ 5
    Nature’s Infinite Wit \ Reach Reputation Lv. 10 in Sumeru. \ 20
    Now Let Time Resume \ Complete Aradasha’s unfinished business. \ 5
    Oh, Frabjous Day! \ Find the secret treasure by following the clues in the chests. \ 5
    Open Sesame! \ Use the secret code to enter the Fatui’s hidden encampment \ 5
    Opportunistic Gain \ Watch the infighting between the Fungi. \ 5
    Perched Between Dream and Reality \ Enter Vanarana in reality \ 5
    Please Play Safely \ Play with the Aranara in the forest. \ 5
    Portal of Marvels \ Truly step into “the world of the Aranara”… \ 5
    Song of Night and Dawn \ …We shall meet each other somewhere in the future. \ 5
    Sumeru Monster Ecology Survey \ Complete your task of protecting those who dwell in the forests. \ 5
    Summit of Wisdom \ Reach the highest point in Sumeru City. \ 5
    Swift as the Wind \ Activate three wind currents in Mawtiyima Forest. \ 5
    The Bitter Fruit of Dreams \ Use Kusava for the first time. \ 5
    The End of Annihilation \ Defeated Marana’s avatar, and then… \ 5
    The Jasmines Whisper, the Pomegranates Are Glad \ Complete “Agnihotra Sutra.” \ 10
    The Lengthy Reunion \ Follow the Sumpter Beast that has lost its owner until it finishes its journey. \ 5
    The Rain Seeps Into the Soil \ Complete “Varuna Gatha.” \ 10
    The Rule of Three \ Find three lost musical scores and obtain three Vasomas. \ 5
    The Tale of the Forest \ Hear 5 tales of the forest from Aravinay. \ 5
    They Enter the Flow \ Use your Kamera to capture the moment when the Varunastra starts up. \ 5
    Though to the Earth I May Return… \ …My Dreams and Desires Shall Not Adjourn. \ 5
    Three Strikes \ Witness the three powerful abilities used by the activated Jadeplume Terrorshroom. \ 5
    Vamadha-Go-Round \ Turn every Vamadha that holds a hidden treasure chest. \ 5
    Walking with Water and Wind \ Complete “Until Vana is Healed.” \ 5
    Weather Control Activated \ Control the Varuna Contraption to change the weather in Apam Woods. \ 5
    When Autumn and Dew Meet \ Let the Electro Regisvine perform its charged electrical collision. \ 5
    When the Dreams Bloom \ Have the Viparyas bloom throughout the Aranara nursery. \ 5


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