Artifact Set

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2 responses to “Artifact Set”

  1. The only read good thing about this reaction, is that it doesnt rely on crit, hence it bypasses that massive pile of dogshit called “farming artifacts”.
    Ofc you still need Em, which is the rarest one not by chance; ofc also you need ER as substat, but it’s still way faster than building a good set with balanced crit ratio.
    If this new set boosts it again, to me personally every reaction team will be much better than any other dps one. Not dps wise but you don’t become insane farming and farming again. Just slam EM with ER, and and enjoy enemies collapsing.

  2. Power creep to the max. Hyper bloom teams were already crushing before.

    Now there’s nahida AND this new set to boost it to astronomical proportions

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