Adeptal Mirror: Round 3

Adeptal Mirror
Adeptal MirrorNameAdeptal Mirror
TitleRound 3
Prev ChapterAdeptal Mirror: Round 2
Next ChapterAdeptal Mirror: Round 4


items per Page


Learn 40 furnishing blueprints0 / 40
Pine Street Light1
Sub-Space Boulder: Craggy Canopy5
Construct 80 furnishings0 / 80
Classic Country Home1
Sub-Space Boulder: Rocky Bulwark5
Place 20 Tree or Shrub furnishings in a single realm layout0 / 20
Adeptus Gate1
Sub-Space Boulder: Verdant Peak5
Place 3 different furnishing sets0 / 3
Stone Lion Statue: The Knowing1
Sub-Space Boulder: Slumbering Stratus5
Obtain 5,000 Realm Currency0 / 5000
Stone Lion Statue: The Warding1
Sub-Space Boulder: Palace Steps5
Purchase 1 item from a Teapot Traveling Salesman in another Traveler’s realm0 / 1
Sturdy Pine Fence1
Sub-Space Boulder: Refined Beauty5
Reach Adeptal Energy Rank “Elegant”0 / 1
Pocket-Sized Pine Cabin1
Well-Equipped Study1
Reach Trust Rank 50 / 1
Parlor Cordiality1
Hermit's Hut1

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