Adeptal Mirror: Round 4

Adeptal Mirror
Adeptal MirrorNameAdeptal Mirror
TitleRound 4
Prev ChapterAdeptal Mirror: Round 3


items per Page


Learn 80 furnishing blueprints0 / 80
Sturdy Library Table1
Two-Tier Library Bookshelf1
Construct 160 furnishings0 / 160
Northern Birch Folding Counter1
Exquisite Cuihua Bookshelf1
Place 10 different furnishing sets0 / 10
Pine Reception Counter1
Obtain 20,000 Realm Currency0 / 20000
Classical Lyre: Tenor of the Wind1
Classic Fir Cabinet1
Purchase 10 items from a Teapot Traveling Salesman in another Traveler’s realm0 / 10
Landscape Painting: Country Home1
Fine Brushwork: Peaks of Minlin1
Reach Adeptal Energy Rank “Extraordinary”0 / 1
Landscape Painting: Distant Clouds1
Fine Brushwork: Bowl of Blossoms1
Reach Trust Rank 70 / 1
Landscape Painting: Nameless Precipice1
Fine Brushwork: Mountains Rising From the Mist1

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