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Guardians of the Countryside

Guardians of the Countryside
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionThe festival is in full swing, but Zhi of Qingce Village is trying to remedy a herb-related predicament...
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Primogem x 30
Mora x 20000
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Go and have a look in the wild nearby Qingce Village
• Speak with Zhi
ZhiZhi: Hmm, we're still running a bit low on herbs...
Zhi: Yes, I was just about to head out. I always like to prepare a little more medicine than usual around this time each year.Zhi: Nothing particularly potent, of course, just the usual stuff used for treating fevers or indigestion.
Zhi: Bubu Pharmacy is much too far away. It's a long walk from here to Liyue Harbor.Zhi: Especially for the children and elderly folks who live in Qingce Village. The journey might be manageable for an adventurer like you, but not for them.Zhi: That's why I like to prepare some herbal remedies for minor maladies in advance.Zhi: Of course, if someone were to come down with something serious, then we'd have no choice but to get a proper prescription from Bubu Pharmacy... Let's hope that doesn't happen...Zhi: I'll chat with you later, I still have to gather some more herbs, and then I've got to bring them back to have them processed...
Zhi: Eh? You'd really do that? That would be great! I was actually starting to stress about how long this would take me by myself...Zhi: Let me see... I think I still need three different types of herbs...Zhi: One of them is Qingxin, which grows on mountain peaks. It is both nourishing and good for digestion.Zhi: Another is Calla Lily, which can be found along riverbanks. They can be used to regulate one's hydration.Zhi: Calla Lilies that grow by the riverbanks are the best quality, so that's where I get mine whenever I can. Calla Lilies found elsewhere pale in comparison in terms of medicinal value...Zhi: Finally, I'll need some Lotus Heads from the nearby pool. When made into medicine, they can be used to calm the nerves and strengthen the heart. You must be quite particular about when you pick them, though. Get them between midnight and six in the morning for the best effect.
• Go and pick Qingxin flowers from atop the summit
ZhiZhi: I'll leave those three herbs to you, I still need to deal with other herbs here.
• Go and pick Calla Lilies from along the riverbanks
• Defeat the slimes
• Pick some Lotus Heads after midnight (00:00 – 06:00)
Fresh Lotus HeadPaimon: Wait a second... now doesn't seem to be the right time to be picking Lotus Heads.Paimon: Hmm... Zhi wanted us to pick Lotus Heads between midnight and 06:00, right? We'll have to wait for the right time.
Fresh Lotus HeadPaimon: That should do it! Let's take these Lotus Heads back.
• Report back to Zhi
ZhiZhi: You're back! Were you able to find the herbs I asked for?
Zhi: Thanks for all your help. I've also asked Ms. Bai to help me with handling the herbs. Let's go and take them to the mill.
• Accompany Zhi to the mill
Ms. BaiMs. Bai: Oh, allow me to take care of these herbs. Once I'm finished, you can take them back and start concocting the medicine.Zhi: Thank you. Now, I just need to find a way of making the medicine a little sweeter, otherwise, there's no way the kids will be willing to take it...
Ms. Bai: Yes, more or less. There aren't many young people in Qingce Village these days, so we have to help out wherever we can.Zhi: Being busy for these few days every year is not a problem. Besides, things have already been much easier this year thanks to all your help.Zhi: In previous years, I'd have to spend many days gathering herbs, to say nothing of the amount of time it would take to make the medicine...Zhi: Alright, thanks for your help. I'll go to process these herbs now, and then I'll prepare my Xiao Lantern.Zhi: I almost forgot to release one last year. Have to make sure I don't forget this time...
Zhi: Hmm... For everyone in Qingce Village to stay in good health? Yeah, I'll probably wish for something like that.Zhi: But wishes lose effect if you say them out loud, so you're not getting anything more out of me.Zhi: These are for you — thanks for your help today.

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