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An Ode to Yonder City

An Ode to Yonder City
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionLiyue's crisis has settled down, but it has brought a wave of change to the city. The poet Qingzhou would like to capture these shifts in verse...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Adventure EXP x 150
Mora x 20000
Teachings of Prosperity x 5
Teachings of Diligence x 5
Teachings of Gold x 5
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
QingzhouQingzhou: How unexpected...
Qingzhou: I originally wished to enter the mountains to seek the adepti, my liege. Yet now Liyue seems to shed its skin with every passing day — do poets such as I have any reason not to write a few poems of leisure?Qingzhou: Still, though my heart is burdened with words, they are too scattered, and lack a central spirit of poetry to rally around. I was just puzzling over the matter.
Qingzhou: Ah, but you are no poet. It is normal if you do not understand. The flow of a poet's words is a mystery unto itself.Qingzhou: But other than the words, the poetic spirit itself is fraught with many meanings. Meanings that I shall explain to you in detail, in exchange, perhaps, for a little favor...
Qingzhou: Ahaha, do not fret, my liege. It's like this...Qingzhou: I merely feel that if I am to offer up a poem for Liyue as it is today, then I must draw inspiration from the city itself.Qingzhou: You are well-traveled, my liege, and must surely be learned in many fields, including that of social grace. Perhaps, then, you could go to Liyue Harbor in my stead to gather data—Qingzhou: No, no. Perhaps the intentionality shall render the exercise mediocre yet. And moreover, you are... Ahem, please allow me to marshal my thoughts.Qingzhou: How about this, then? You merely need to go through the city as you are wont to — then return, and tell me of the things that catch your eye.
• Look for poetic inspiration at the south wharf
QingzhouQingzhou: Truly, Liyue feels... a little too different.
• Look for poetic inspiration at Bubu Pharmacy
• Look for poetic inspiration near Yujing Terrace
• Talk to people at Yujing Terrace
HaoHao: All is well, all is well...
Hao: Oh, it's you, Traveler. So, there was a big incident in the city earlier, right?Hao: Well, it's well that nothing untoward happened afterward... And more importantly, it's well that all the food stalls in the city are still open.Hao: I mean, what would become of all those delicacies I enjoyed otherwise...
Hao: Hey, don't you look down on it. The quickest way to know if a place is good or not is to see how its cuisine tastes.Hao: Ah, just talking about this is making me hungry again. Maybe I should go get a little something...
HaoHao: Ah, all this talking is making me hungry. What should I eat...
• Talk to people at Yujing Terrace
Fan Er'yeFan Er'ye: The more I hear of this opera, the less I understand it...
Fan Er'ye: Why, hello there, Traveler. Well, here's the problem: Heyu Tea House has released a few new operas lately.Fan Er'ye: But they're— Well, they're most lively, that's for sure. But I do not quite comprehend them, or how the young people seem to enjoy it so very much.
Fan Er'ye: That's a good question. Personally, I don't mind hearing some old classics. They're what I'm used to, after all.Fan Er'ye: But at the same time, Liyue Harbor is undergoing so many changes. A few new operas seem to fit the reigning mood just fine, too.Fan Er'ye: *sigh* Still, these changes feel all too swift. The old operas haven't played in a while. I wonder what Rex Lapis would— No, let us not speak of that...
Fan Er'yeFan Er'ye: *sigh* How quickly this city changes...
• Report back to Qingzhou
QingzhouQingzhou: What have you learned, my liege?
Qingzhou: Oh, verily? Please, do share.
Qingzhou: Oh, good, good. Most lively indeed.
Qingzhou: Finches, yes... A sign of peaceful times. Lovely poetic imagery.
Qingzhou: Haha, there is nothing wrong with that. Eating is one of the prime needs and joys of life — especially in a city such as Liyue Harbor.Qingzhou: Yes, this too is quite fascinating. I will record this. It may yet be of use.
Qingzhou: Hmm, that too is as we should expect. To some, Liyue must almost seem to be shedding its skin with every passing day. Even I find it hard to keep up or accept every single shift...Qingzhou: But this is a matter most broad — I fear that a single poem may not capture it adequately. Still, I shall write it down.Qingzhou: That should do for now. I see that I chose wisely in seeking your aid, my liege.Qingzhou: I believe that this will add at least a few new entries to my next anthology.Qingzhou: Ah, yes, apart from some material goods, I have also prepared a little gift for you. Please take it as thanks for your succour.Qingzhou: Once my new anthology is published, you may exchange this signature for a free copy.

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