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The Secret of Nantianmen

The Secret of Nantianmen
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionJiayi from Liyue Harbor has gotten himself tangled up in more troublesome affairs, and is looking for some help...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Adventure EXP x 150
Mora x 80000
Hero's Wit x 4
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
JiayiJiayi: It's just like they say — no matter how hard you work, there's always more to do...
Jiayi: *sigh* Now that the crisis has passed, things in the city have been gradually returning to normal.Jiayi: I thought that we might be able to take it a little easier once it was all over.Jiayi: Little did I know that on top of our usual guard duty and other day-to-day work, they'd have us helping out in other departments from time to time, too...Jiayi: All these little things add up to mean that we're actually busier than ever.Jiayi: I was called to help collect and organize some incoming paperwork, and then I had to patrol the city and settle an escort request from a merchant caravan...Jiayi: *sigh* And on top of all that... Just a few days ago, we received a report that there have been intermittent earthquakes near Nantianmen. We've sent someone to investigate, but they found everything to be completely normal.Jiayi: That doesn't mean we can afford to lower our guard though — this is an earthquake we're talking about. So, we are still sending people to check on the area every so often.Jiayi: Unfortunately, however, we're very short-handed at the moment... Traveler, if you have the time, would you mind heading over to Nantianmen and taking a look for me?
Jiayi: Thank you very much. *sigh* I must be off, duty calls...
Jiayi: Good question... if I had to guess, I'd say probably... monsters, or something.Jiayi: As for the earthquakes... No-one we've sent so far has encountered anything of the sort. So, maybe the person who initially reported it was just getting confused.Jiayi: Well, I shall leave the matter of Nantianmen to you. Ugh, I'm already running late for my next assignment...
• Investigate the unusual activity in Nantianmen
JiayiJiayi: *sigh* So much to do...
• Investigate the unusual activity in Nantianmen
• Investigate the unusual activity in Nantianmen
• Report back to Jiayi
JiayiJiayi: You're back. What's the situation?
Jiayi: Normal? So... no earthquakes, no monsters? How strange...Jiayi: Still, normality is good news. Thank you for your assistance, please take these as a token of my gratitude.Jiayi: Right, onto the next task... No matter how much I get done, there's always more to do...
• Report back to Jiayi
JiayiJiayi: You're back. What's the situation?
Jiayi: Really? There was actually an earthquake? ...Followed by monsters, out of nowhere?Jiayi: The monsters are no surprise, but these earthquakes... what could be causing them?Jiayi: Well, whatever the situation — safety is the top priority.Jiayi: I will report the situation in detail to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Thank you for your assistance, please take these as a token of my gratitude.Jiayi: Ugh, the work just keeps piling up, and I can never get on top of it...
• Talk to Paimon
PaimonPaimon: Seems like there's nothing strange going on here after all.Paimon: Huh? What's that little girl doing over there...Paimon: Ah! Earthquake! What's going on!?Paimon: Careful, Paimon feels like something bad is about to happen...
• Defeat all opponents
• Investigate the surrounding area
JiuJiu: The awakening is coming...
Jiu: Are you here to witness His resurrection?Jiu: You're a little early... But you're not too late, either.Paimon: ...What in the world is she talking about?
Jiu: Huh... Still the truth does not dawn on you...Jiu: Though, perhaps it is better that way. For you.Jiu: Return now, and await His awakening... Then, you shall surely understand.
JiuJiu: When He awakens, you will surely understand.
• Report back to Jiayi
JiayiJiayi: You're back. What's the situation?
Jiayi: ...Earthquakes, monsters, and a little girl... A missing child, presumably?
Jiayi: ...She said what? Who's "He"? And what "resurrection"? What a load of nonsense...Jiayi: Who knows what kind of strange books she must have been reading... Anyway, that's beside the point. I'll send for someone to bring the child back to the city at once.Jiayi: First earthquakes, and now monsters... We musn't let that child come to harm.Jiayi: Thank you so much. Please take these as thanks for running this errand for me.Jiayi: Ugh, never a slow day of work, eh?

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