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Words Worth Their Weight in Mora

Words Worth Their Weight in Mora
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionThe recent crisis that beset Liyue Harbor has reinvigorated interest in history. Wanwen Bookhouse has seen a resurgence in business as a result, and its owner Jifang is on the verge of being overwhelmed...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Adventure EXP x 100
Mora x 15000
Teachings of Prosperity x 4
Teachings of Diligence x 4
Teachings of Gold x 4
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
JifangJifang: Guess everyone's interested in history now, eh...
Jifang: A lot of people have become interested in Liyue's history recently, and many of them have been coming to my store to buy books...Jifang: In the past, it would take half a year to sell the few copies of "Yakshas: The Guardian Adepti" that we had, so I stopped importing such obscure history books...Jifang: But after the recent events that happened here, people from all over the city would come here to purchase history texts...Jifang: These past few days have been full of customers who specifically wanted books containing Rex Lapis' stories.Jifang: *sigh* Who knows if they really love reading, or if they're just looking to inject a bit of spice into their daily chatter...Jifang: Due to the surge in demand, I've almost had no time to attend to some special orders that we've gotten from old customers.Jifang: I finally found the time to put together the books that two such customers wanted, but I'm too busy to leave the store at the moment.Jifang: Could you help me send this copy of "Verses of Equilibrium" to Uncle Tian, and this copy of "Rex Incognito (IV)" to Gentry De'an?
JifangJifang: So, about those two books...Jifang: The two of them are long-time customers of ours. I usually prepare their books beforehand.Jifang: But I ended up dragging my feet a little this time due to the surge in business.Jifang: They must have gotten impatient...
• Help Jifang deliver the book
Gentry De'anGentry De'an: What is it, youngster?
Gentry De'an: The fourth volume of Rex Incognito? I placed this order eons ago. Why has it tarried till now?Gentry De'an: Let me see. Huh? A first edition? Why, no wonder it took so long...Gentry De'an: To think I'd assumed that Jifang had forgotten about my book amid all the other customers...Gentry De'an: Thank you for delivering this book to me, youngster.
Gentry De'anGentry De'an: Alas, Rex Lapis...
• Help Jifang deliver the book
Uncle TianUncle Tian: What can I do for you, youngster?
Uncle Tian: The what now? ...Oh, ah yes. I believe I ordered a copy of the Verses of Equilibrium at the Wanwen Bookhouse.Uncle Tian: Indeed, indeed, this is the book that I wanted. Haha, I was beginning to think that Jifang might have forgotten about my order, what with the other customers and all...Uncle Tian: But it's here now, and that's good. The binding is fairly good as well. Conscientious as always, that Jifang.Uncle Tian: Thank you, youngster. I'll take this with me, now.
Uncle TianUncle Tian: "They who read history shall learn how we rise and fall..." So they say, but there are few who read history to learn these things nowadays...
• Report back to Jifang
Jifang: Have you delivered them?
Jifang: Thank you. Wanwen Bookhouse has managed to stay open all this time due to the support of our long-time customers.Jifang: What's more, these customers are true lovers of books. It should gladden them greatly to receive good ones.Jifang: Thanks so much for your help, Traveler. Please take this as compensation for your efforts.Jifang: If you should ever wish to purchase any books, feel free to approach me.

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