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Lingering Malady

Lingering Malady
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionDue to the storm that swept through the city, the posters and signboards of many shops have been blown off to the rooftops and city walls of Mondstadt. Aramis of the Knights of Favonius is currently mulling over how he might retrieve them...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Adventure EXP x 100
Mora x 20000
Hero's Wit x 6
Northern Smoked Chicken x 3
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Aramis
Merchant Poster
Merchant Poster
Merchant Poster
AramisAramis: How did it get blown up that high...
Aramis: Oh, it's you, Honorary Knight. How do you do? So it's like this: you must have seen that storm that surrounded the entire city, right?Aramis: Although the storm has subsided, the effects of that storm aren't going to be fixed any time soon...Aramis: Not a few merchants have said that the signboards and posters that they put up outside have all gone with the wind.Aramis: Some have ended up on rooftops, others onto the city walls.Aramis: The Knights originally intended to send two agile members to settle these issues with haste.Aramis: I mean, besides helping the citizens, we're also concerned that those things would look rather unbecoming, hanging off the roofs and the walls like that.Aramis: But as it turns out, we're shorthanded at the moment, so only I was sent.Aramis: And with these knees of mine, even climbing stairs has become problematic recently. I can't imagine what would become of me if I had to climb up that high...Aramis: Could you help me out of this bind, Honorary Knight?
AramisAramis: There should be three posters and one signboard now stuck on rooftops and on the city walls.Aramis: Please bring those posters to me. As for the signboard, you can just leave it here on the ground. I'll have my colleagues pass it on to the appropriate merchant.
Merchant Billboard
• Look for posters and billboards in Mondstadt
• Talk to Aramis
AramisAramis: Have you gotten them all?
Aramis: You have my utmost thanks. I'll take these posters and return them to the matching merchants in a moment.Aramis: As for that signboard, it's from the Angel's Share. I've already notified Charles — he'll send someone over to take it back.Aramis: Here's a little remuneration for your help. Please take it. As for me, I need to move on to other tasks.Aramis: Though the storm has ceased, its effects will remain with us for a while...

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