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The Path of the Treasure-Seeker, Part I

The Path of the Treasure-Seeker, Part I
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionYou meet a "treasure-seeker" named Ulman out in the wild. He says that he's looking for a capable "partner" to help him out...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Mora x 10000
Adventurer's Experience x 4
Treasure-Seeking Seelie x 1
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Ulman
UlmanUlman: *sigh* What am I to do...
Ulman: Oh, so it's you, Traveler... It's nothing, just a small problem.Ulman: This Treasure-Seeking Seelie has suddenly stopped paying any attention to me, so I'm in a bit of a fix...
Ulman: Well, I wouldn't call it speaking. That would be exaggerating. We are, ultimately, the guide and the guided.Ulman: I picked this fellow up inside a ruin. It was trapped at that time — took me quite a bit of effort to extricate it, too.Ulman: I guess it must have wanted to thank me... After that, it would sometimes lead me to find some treasure.Ulman: I actually made quite the pile with its help...Ulman: But for whatever reason, the Seelie's stopped paying me any mind as of late.Ulman: If you ask me... I think it's looking for a new partner.Ulman: I daren't give it away carelessly, but I can't find any reliable hands to team up with at short notice, either...
Ulman: Companions? Hah! Bunch of greedy churls, they are. I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them, to say nothing of working with them.Ulman: If I didn't need the extra information and leads, I'd have left them a long time ago...Ulman: Hmm... How about this, then? What would you say to working with me, Traveler?
Ulman: Hahaha, it doesn't matter! The way I see it, this Treasure-Seeking Seelie took a real shine to you the moment it saw you.Ulman: It didn't react at all when it saw those "companions" of mine, let me tell you that...Ulman: So, how about it? What say we team up and earn ourselves a pretty sum?
Ulman: Hahaha, great! Partners, then!Ulman: Come, take this Treasure-Seeking Seelie — you're partners in the venture too, after all!
Ulman: Ah, yes, it almost slipped my mind. Hmm, let me think... Well, this Treasure-Seeking Seelie is different from other Seelie...Ulman: It won't lead you to the spot where treasure is hidden, but it will give you hints as to whether treasure is nearby or far away.Ulman: Basically, it'll twinkle, see?Ulman: Also, this fellow isn't all that fond of popping out most of the time, so you'll have to wake it up from time to time.Ulman: Once it's awake, it will guide you. But it doesn't stay out for very long, so you're going to have to focus.Ulman: Oh, right. When you go treasure hunting with it, you might also encounter some Iron Coins to go with your loot.Ulman: Most merchants won't take this ancient currency, but you can give them to me instead. I have my uses for them.Ulman: You can trade them in with me for suitable rewards, too.Ulman: As for the size of that reward... Well, that will depend on the amount of Iron Coins you have on you.Ulman: And lastly, this book is for you. The locations marked out in this book most certainly have treasure — this is based on information that I've spent much time gathering.Ulman: Unfortunately, the Treasure-Seeking Seelie stopped listening to me before I could find these treasures.Ulman: So I suppose I can only rely on you now... Happy hunting!
UlmanUlman: So, found yourself any treasure?
Ulman: Oh, do you? Hehe, I'll trade them with you for some of these beauties I've got here. What would you like?
Ulman: Well, it wouldn't be treasure if it was that easy to find. Take your time.

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