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License to Glide

License to Glide
Requires AR0
Is Part ofLepus Chapter: Act I
DescriptionAmber has specially prepared a gliding exam for you. She has also provided a gliding manual, which she has asked you to read before taking the exam.
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Glide with the Wind
Mondstadt Glider
RequiresGlide with the Wind
UnlocksMondstadt Glider
Adventure EXP x 175
Mora x 4375
Adventurer's Experience x 11
Fine Enhancement Ore x 5
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Go to the exam point
• Talk to Amber
Amber: Hey — here, over here!
Amber: Gliding at Windrise is easy-peasy. Off you go!
• Follow the route and fly to the finish line in time
• Follow Amber's instructions and take the exam again
Amber: You gotta focus on your technique when you're gliding.
Amber: If you wanna try again, just let me know.
Amber: Cool. You'll make it this time, I just know it!
Amber: Sure. But you gotta be 100% ready to glide.
• Talk to Amber
Amber: You nailed it! But it's no surprise, given the way you handle your glider in a storm.
Amber: The next part of the exam is in Mondstadt. See you there, don't keep me waiting!

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