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The Illumiscreen: I

The Illumiscreen: I
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionBrother Qian from the Liyue Adventurers' Guild is inviting people to play a certain game...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Primogem x 30
Mora x 20000
Festive Fever x 200
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Brother Qian at night (21:00 – 05:00)
Brother QianBrother Qian: If you'd like to have a try, please come back at nighttime.
• Talk to Brother Qian
Brother QianBrother Qian: Try the Illumiscreen...
Brother Qian: Illumiscreen. What do you say? Come on, it's really simple.Brother Qian: See those screens there? And these three lanterns?Brother Qian: I had these lanterns made to order. When you turn them on, they cast all kinds of images.Brother Qian: And if you rotate all three lanterns in the right way, the three images will combine to give you the full picture.Brother Qian: Hmm, maybe I'm not explaining it clearly... Okay, how about this — have a go of rotating the lanterns first, and once you're comfortable with how it works, I'll tell you how the whole game works in more detail.
• Try the Illumiscreen
Brother QianBrother Qian: Start by rotating one of the lanterns, just to get used to how it works.
• Talk to Brother Qian
Brother QianBrother Qian: Wow, you picked that up quickly. Okay, now that you've got the basic idea, time to give it a proper go.
Brother Qian: No. Didn't you already figure out how to rotate the lanterns?Brother Qian: When you're playing for real, all you need to do is rotate the three lanterns so that the images they cast onto the screen align to give the full picture.Brother Qian: I can tell you the image combinations in advance, but it's up to you to figure out how to rotate the lanterns.
Brother Qian: You may or may not have noticed that those screens have a map of Liyue painted on them.Brother Qian: When you align the images and shine them onto the map, you'll find treasure specially prepared by the Adventurers' Guild.Brother Qian: The Guild had a lot of people working at full tilt to set up all the treasure sites.Brother Qian: The chests, though... They're just like these chests here. Once you know the locations, you should be able to find them.Brother Qian: Today's image is ready. It's a Glaze Lily.Brother Qian: One other thing — the images on the Illumiscreen only show up clearly at night. You'd best come back at night to have a try.Brother Qian: Also, the Adventurers' Guild commissioned an expert to make these lanterns. They're really quite beautiful, so please take a good close look at them or it'll all have been a bit of a waste...
• Complete "Illumiscreen: Glaze Lily"
Brother QianBrother Qian: The image you're trying to make this time is a Glaze Lily. Take your time and try to solve the puzzle by rotating the lanterns.
• Examine "Illumiscreen: Glaze Lily"
Brother QianBrother Qian: Solved it already! You've got a knack for this.Brother Qian: Go and examine the composite image you've made. You'll find all the treasure clues in there.
Brother QianBrother Qian: The treasure has all been prepared specially by the Guild. Happy hunting.
• Talk to Brother Qian
Brother QianBrother Qian: How is the treasure hunt going?
Brother Qian: All of them? You've got a knack for finding treasure, then. Plenty of people can't even get the lanterns to rotate...Brother Qian: Since you found all the treasure... Please take these as your prize. Happy Lantern Rite!
Brother QianBrother Qian: The new Illumiscreen isn't set up yet. Come back when it's ready.
• Find the treasure area indicated by the Illumiscreen
• Find the treasure area indicated by the Illumiscreen
• Find the treasure area indicated by the Illumiscreen
• Find the treasure
• Find the treasure
• Find the treasure

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