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The Siege of Qingce

The Siege of Qingce
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionThe Millelith soldier Jinglun is fretting about how to defeat the monsters around Qingce Village...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Fading Star's Might x 20
Primogem x 40
Mora x 25000
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Speak to Jinglun
JinglunJinglun: Traveler, over here!
Jinglun: It's about Qingce Village again. Those meteorites that came down have caused the monsters around the village to go wild. They've been rampaging across the roads, and Qingce Village is on the verge of being surrounded by them.Jinglun: While no major harm will befall Qingce Village so long as we guard it, the supplies we get from the city need to come in from the outside.Jinglun: Under the present circumstances, the Ministry of Civil Affairs can't send too many troops to escort those supplies. They would be in trouble if attacked by large groups of monsters.Jinglun: I and some of my compatriots gave this some thought... and while we can't go too far from Qingce Village, we can help to defeat the monsters near the village itself.Jinglun: This way, we can help those who are escorting our supplies. However, our scouts tell us that there are quite a few points of monster concentration.Jinglun: We'd be hard-pressed to take all these camps out in good time by ourselves. And I worry that something might happen to Qingce Village if we take too long...Jinglun: Could you help us with a portion of the monsters, Traveler?
Jinglun: Great! I'll call the others, and we'll head out immediately. The quicker we settle this, the better.Jinglun: Let's meet back here once we've defeated them all.
Jinglun: Um... Alright then. It's fine, we'll think of another way to deal with those monsters...
• Defeat all opponents and clear all the obstacles
• Return to Qingce Village and report back to Jinglun
JinglunJinglun: That won't do... We need reinforcements...
Jinglun: Thank you very much, but I'm afraid there's been an emergency.Jinglun: I'd assumed that the monsters around Qingce Village were all the ordinary sort...Jinglun: I'd just led some troops to clean out one monster camp, and we were looking to get some rest before continuing.Jinglun: But that was when a Stonehide Lawachurl came charging out of the nearby woods...Jinglun: It was upon us before we could even react, and many were injured... We were forced to fall back.Jinglun: That monster is too huge a threat to be left alone, but the other detachments have yet to return from clearing their targets out...Jinglun: Could you help us defeat that monster, Traveler?
Jinglun: I will, thank you. I'm really sorry... This should have been our task.
Jinglun: We were able to get help in time, so no one is in serious danger... But they'll have trouble moving about for a while.Jinglun: As such, I'm afraid it's all up to you, Traveler.Jinglun: I'm very sorry. This should have been our duty...
• Defeat the opponents
JinglunJinglun: We're counting on you to defeat that monster, Traveler.Jinglun: *sigh* If only I was more alert...
• Report back to Jinglun
JinglunJinglun: How did it go? Did you defeat that monster?
Jinglun: That's great... I suppose we can finally rest easy now.Jinglun: Thanks for your help, Traveler. Here's a token of our appreciation.Jinglun: ...Still, it doesn't add up. Why would such a creature suddenly show up near Qingce Village?Jinglun: Regardless, I'll have to report this matter to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.Jinglun: I hope that they'll be able to send us more people...

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