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Share Not Your Treasures

Share Not Your Treasures
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionA worn letter found in a basement guarded by a Ruin Guard. It was written by a treasure hunter who believes that the Guili Plains is home to a bonfire that grants wishes.
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Adventure EXP x 250
Primogem x 30
Mora x 30000
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
Worn LetterWorn Letter: "...I guess this is where greed gets you. When you want it all and you don't know when to stop. If I'd just called it a day when I'd found the buried treasure and hadn't insisted on going to that stupid wishy-washy bonfire... I never would have triggered the mechanism and got myself trapped here by that awful monster. Now I can't get out."Worn Letter: "Anyone who's got what it takes to take him down, go and make a wish at that bonfire. Any old thing will do. I'll help by, uh... rooting for you. Heh."
• Light the bonfire
• Defeat the opponents
• Read the text
Scribbled NotesScribbled Notes: "...This whole thing about the bonfire granting wishes is utter nonsense! Though, the treasures buried underneath are genuine... Boss said I should leave the slip of paper where I found it and just wait nearby — people are bound to fall for it, and as soon as the fire lights up... Hehehe. A very lucrative stroke of genius this one..."Scribbled Notes: "...That said, there's more treasure here than I can move all in one go. Boss says I should first bury it on the highest peak in Cuijue Slope. There's a big old withered tree on top of the mountain, I'm sure she can't miss it..."
• Find the treasure's location

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