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Only Half-Frozen

Only Half-Frozen
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionDespite being well on the way towards freezing to death, Tommy the adventurer is concerned about one thing only: his incomplete commission...
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Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Tommy
TommyTommy: T—Traveler... Could... could you h—help me...
Tommy: P—Please... I—I need some warmth... It's... t—too cold...Tommy: O—Or maybe... s—some hot food might also be g—good.Tommy: P—Please... I'm just... too c—cold...
Tommy: That's good... That's good. P—Please, hurry... I—I feel like I might freeze any m—moment now...
Tommy: That... also works. P—Please, hurry... I—I feel like I might freeze any m—moment now...
• Help Tommy find a source of heat
TommyTommy: Phew... Much better. Thank you, Traveler.
Tommy: *sigh* A commission, what else? I've been at the camp all this time because of a rather... tricky commission.Tommy: But I didn't want to stay there forever, so I was looking for something else to do...Tommy: The chef, Harris, was looking for someone to find some Chilled Meat up the mountain.Tommy: He said that I just needed to find some small frozen boar, and that there was no need to go too far up the mountain, so there'd be no danger at all...Tommy: I thought it sounded straightforward enough, so I accepted the commission.Tommy: I'd been preparing myself, too — training myself slowly, acclimatizing myself to Dragonspine's environment...Tommy: ...All so that I might finish the commission given to me by that alchemist lady.Tommy: But I didn't expect that I'd lose my way not long after I started my ascent, and nearly get frozen in the process. I was lucky to have met you...Tommy: My only regret is that... I couldn't complete my commission...Tommy: Traveler... you seem to know this mountain well. Could I trouble you to do me a favor?Tommy: I just need you to find me one serving of Chilled Meat. Just one is fine — that is all I need to complete my commission.
Tommy: Thanks. In that case, let me mark the locations where Harris mentioned we might find small frozen boars on your map.Tommy: I'll head down to the camp at the base of the mountain and await your good news there.
TommyTommy: H—Have you... found a heat source yet? I d—don't think I can... t—take much more...
• Make Tommy a serving of Delicious Radish Veggie Soup
TommyTommy: H—Have you... finished making that dish yet? I d—don't think I can... t—take much more...
• Give the serving of Delicious Radish Veggie Soup to Tommy
TommyTommy: This warmth... I—It must be... R—Radish Veggie Soup!Tommy: P—Please... Give me a taste...
• Talk to Tommy
• Look for Chilled Meat
TommyTommy: So much effort for a chunk of Chilled Meat... Why could he possibly need it so badly?
• Give the Chilled Meat to Tommy
TommyTommy: Have you found any Chilled Meat?
Tommy: Great! So, this is Chilled Meat? Honestly, I don't really see the difference, besides the fact that it's cold to the touch...Tommy: Well, so long as the commission's complete...Tommy: Thanks, Traveler. I'd have been in a bad way if it hadn't been for you.Tommy: Here, you must take this as compensation.
TommyTommy: Tommy:

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