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A Commission from That Guy

A Commission from "That Guy"
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionAfter taking care of Jilliana's matter, Vile came again to inform you that "That Guy" has another commission for you.
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Vile
VileVile: Why, we meet again. How do you fare?Vile: Oh, yes, and one thing. Thus far, Jilliana has neither done too well nor too poorly. The good news is that she has yet to leave Mondstadt...Vile: But the bad news is that she has already confessed her situation to Sister Victoria, who hasn't done much about it so far.Vile: We can only wait and see how this whole affair will end.
Vile: Oh, come now. Don't look at me like that. I'm not some sort of villain. As a matter of fact, am I not giving you pointers on how to help her?Vile: Right, let's get down to business. The reason I'm here are the "loose ends" we left behind from that previous incident.Vile: Simply put, you defeated the Treasure Hoarders, yes. But at the same time, you've also blown Jilliana's cover.Vile: The Treasure Hoarders are not lenient to traitors. As far as I know, we've already caught wind of quite a few of their tracks, and we've never seen any of this lot before.Vile: Chances are that they're out to get Jilliana, and also to avenge their losses in the meantime. At this moment, we can only ask you to beat them back.
Vile: Oh, please, I too have my orders. If it wasn't for that gentleman's insistence that you be the one to handle this, I wouldn't have come looking for you.
Vile: Go do it yourself!Vile: Don't say that. You know I don't have your strength.
Vile: While that is true, that certain gentleman judges that under the present circumstances, the fewer people know of Jilliana's affairs the better.Vile: Besides, that gentleman does not wish for the Knights to get involved. After all, the Knights are too used to acting in the open, and often go overboard in the process.Vile: Take our ever-reliable Huffman, for example. Why, if he were to hear that there were Treasure Hoarders abroad near Mondstadt, he would raise the alarm within the hour.Vile: And should the Knights march out in full muster, the Treasure Hoarders would surely scurry off in a flash, rendering our plan to get rid of them for good moot once again.Vile: So, we ask you to fly solo and take them out efficiently, only because we must.Vile: Still, that band of Treasure Hoarders has actually gotten so near to Mondstadt that the Knights of Favonius may have already caught wind of them. The Knights may even be prepared to make a move already...Vile: But this is beyond the scope of our consideration.Vile: Don't worry, I have ensured that the rewards this time will be substantial.Vile: This time, our dear gentleman has furnished me with ample Mora, unlike the previous time, when I had to pay you out of pocket... Ah yes, I should also mark the location of those Treasure Hoarders on your map.Vile: Well, then. If for nothing else, please protect Jilliana, Rudolf, Lily, and Mondstadt for the Mora. It's all up you now, so do your best.
HuffmanHuffman: To think that those Treasure Hoarders have had the gall to approach Mondstadt...
• Head to the designated location
HuffmanHuffman: ...Those Treasure Hoarders... Oh, I'm sorry! Is something the matter?
Huffman: Treasure Hoarders? We're on the trail of a group of them ourselves. How dare those crooks skulk so near to Mondstadt. Not to mention that we don't know what their intentions are at all...Huffman: No matter what the reason, they're definitely up to no good. We've redirected a lot of manpower to dealing with them, so I'm afraid we don't have the manpower to deal with your report right now.Huffman: Nonetheless, I'll note your report down. Once we are done with those Treasure Hoarders, I will pass it upwards. Again, thanks for reporting the matter to us.
VileVile: Still preparing? That's fine. Just head out once you're ready.
Vile: I won't tell you no matter how you ask. That's par for course in our line of work.Vile: Even when we do reveal any intelligence, we do so because we must.Vile: Well, you can give this a thought: which of the things I just said falls under "things I revealed because I must"?
Vile: That gentleman's goals... I couldn't guess them. But I believe that he also means to protect Mondstadt.Vile: Or should I say that even he probably wouldn't do things like this just for the fun of it?Vile: Hmm, no, no, I shouldn't be speculating about such things...
JillianaJilliana: What... What can I do for you?Jilliana: I'm still waiting for Sister Victoria to give me her reply.Jilliana: This incident... I'm prepared for the consequences, no matter what they may be.
• Fend off the Treasure Hoarders
VileVile: You're back already? Why, aren't you efficient? I think I know why that gentleman likes you so much.
Vile: How cold. I mean, I do have the bounty right here. But pray, spare a thought for a fellow errand-runner's feelings!
Vile: Oh no, the honor is all mine. Please take this reward... And pleasure doing business with you.
• Report back to Vile

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