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The Limitations of an Adventurer

The Limitations of an Adventurer
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionHerman seems to be troubled...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Mora x 2000
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Herman
HermanHerman: What to do...
Herman: It's just... My daughter Ellin has her heart set on joining the Knights of Favonius; she's training for the tryouts now.Herman: *sigh* I had really hoped to help mentor her, but she just doesn't believe me when I say I used to be an adventurer. She just wants to train alone.Herman: There's nothing I can do to prove it to her, either... Once you've got a wife and kids, it'd be selfish and reckless to carry on going out on these dangerous adventures.Herman: My responsibility to care for my family takes priority over the ego boost I'd get from going on an adventure.Herman: I'm still an adventurer at heart though, and I certainly still know a thing or two about it.Herman: Once when I was on an adventure, I noticed these wooden dummies that the hilichurls use for combat training.Herman: They look pretty sturdy — I'm sure they'd be great for Ellin to train with, too.Herman: Could you go and collect a few hilichurl training dummies for me? Of course, I respect the adventurers' code and wouldn't make you do it for nothing. How about it?
Herman: That's the spirit! Ah, I was just like you back when I first joined the Guild, up for anything! And when I say anything...Herman: Ahem. Just joking of course! Off you go now.
Herman: I really can't. Even adventurers have their limitations; there's only so much adventure you can take on in one go.Herman: And the adventure that is married life is more than enough to deal with on its own, I don't care who you are...Herman: So if you please... I will leave the hilichurls to you.
• Clear out the monster camp
HermanHerman: Did you find some wooden dummies?
Herman: Ellin's busy training away, and this is the one thing I can do for her...Herman: If I was still an adventurer I'd do it myself.Herman: And what with the current state of Mondstadt's Adventurers' Guild, most of my former co-adventurers have also given up the trade.Herman: There's not much that can be done about it. The Knights of Favonius are the influential ones these days, all the young people want to join up. By contrast, the idea of enduring the harsh world of the wild alone, as an adventurer...Herman: It doesn't really appeal to anyone anymore.
EllinEllin: Hmm, now what's the best way to train...
Ellin: I'm practicing for the Knights of Favonius' tryouts. But I just can't get the hang of it and I don't have anyone to teach me.Ellin: My dad keeps offering to be my mentor; he says he used to be an adventurer... Yeah, right!Ellin: There's no way someone like my dad is going to help me get through the Knights of Favonius tryouts.Ellin: Then he said he was gonna get me some sort of training equipment. I can't imagine what on earth he has in mind.
• Obtain the wooden training dummy
• Talk to Herman
HermanHerman: Did you find some training dummies?
Herman: Ooh, nice... Yes, these are nice and sturdy!Herman: If they can withstand a pummeling by a hilichurl, they should be able to take whatever Ellin throws at them.Herman: Thank you! And as per the adventurers' code, here's your reward.
EllinEllin: Wow, this wooden dummy is actually pretty good. This'll make training much easier.Ellin: Where on earth my dad got such a sturdy training dummy from is beyond me.Ellin: Surely he can't have bought it? This would have been so expensive...
• Collect materials for training dummy
• Talk to Herman
HermanHerman: Did you find some training dummies?
Herman: Whew... Looks like you put too much force into it. I don't know how you managed to break such a sturdy wooden contraption though.Herman: I suppose no-one pulls their punches on account of a few wooden sticks in the heat of battle...Herman: I can't give this to Ellin as-is. But it's good wood, so with a bit of work it should be fine!Herman: I've assembled it, albeit with some difficulty — it's not half bad, is it?Herman: All thanks to you, ultimately. Here's your payment. As promised, I don't take favors for free.Herman: You can quit being an adventurer, but you can't quit respecting the code!
EllinEllin: Huh... So this is the training equipment my dad promised to get me.Ellin: I feel like it'll fall apart if I so much as touch it.Ellin: But it's better than nothing. I'll make use of it.

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