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Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the Wind
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionGlory misses her boyfriend who went on a long journey. She's looking for a way to carry her words to him.
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Apple x 9
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Go and talk to Glory
• Talk to Glory
GloryGlory: ...Godwin... When will you return...
Glory: I know that voice— Why, if it isn't the Traveler from afar! Thanks be to the great Anemo Archon, for he surely sent the wind to guide you to this place... I have a request for you.Glory: My— um, boyfriend, Godwin — he's in the Knights of Favonius you know — he left the city ages ago and still hasn't come back.Glory: I haven't heard a single word from him since he's been gone.Glory: I'm so worried about him. Poor Godwin, what if he runs into those nasty hilichurls? Or, or he also said they're at war with the Abyss Order, what if he gets injured? And... and now he's been away so long, what if he takes a liking to one of the pretty knight girls...Glory: ...Argh, sorry! Sorry, I—I'm getting carried away. My mother always tells me that dandelions can carry people's heart's desires far away to a distant place.Glory: So, my request is... could you collect three Dandelion Seeds from Windrise for me?
Glory: Thank you ever so much! May the Anemo Archon protect you.
Glory: Wait! I beg you, please help me. Surely this should be a piece of cake for a seasoned Traveler like you...
• Find three Dandelion Seeds
• Give the Dandelion Seeds to Glory
GloryGlory: Welcome back, did you get my Dandelion Seeds?
Glory: Thank you! Can you please place them into my hand? I can't see, and I'll lose them otherwise.
Glory: Could you place them into my hand? That's the only way I can tell.Glory: This is enough. Now to tell them everything I want to say to Godwin...Glory: ...Erm, cover your ears please. No eavesdropping! These are private words shared between lovers. You know... *giggle* You must have had a similar experience before?Glory: Okay, I'm done. Now, take these to the top of the Anemo Archon statue and release them into the wind. The great archon himself will take them from there.Glory: I hope He will guide them to Godwin.
• Go to the top of the Anemo Archon statue and scatter the Dandelion Seeds
• Talk to Glory
GloryGlory: Did you do it?
Glory: Good, that's what we want. That way the Dandelion Seeds can travel far away.Glory: Maybe they really will reach Godwin after all, and pass on what I want to say to him.Glory: Give me your hand... Here, take these. These are to say thank you.Glory: There is still so much more I want to say to Godwin. I may need your help again in future.

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