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The Exorcist's Path
Requires AR25
Is Part ofHangout Event: Chongyun - Act I
DescriptionDalong leaves after having been given half the popsicles, feeling quite pleased. After this small interlude, you and Chongyun continue discussing evil spirits. Chongyun hopes to tap on your abundant experience as an adventurer to adjudge the truth or falsehood of information concerning evil spirits. To that end, you head to Wanwen Bookhouse together.
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Distant Gaze
RequiresDistant Gaze
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Go to Wanwen Bookhouse and identify the clues
• Go to the heretical ground mentioned in the clues
• Proceed deeper within to investigate
• Proceed onward and search for more clues
• Defeat the attacking hilichurls
• Talk to Chongyun

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