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Turning Point

Turning Point
Requires AR35
Is Part ofChapter I: Act III
DescriptionThe adepti faced off against the Qixing outside the city. Just as things were coming to a head, you went to the Golden House to intercept Childe as he attempted to seize the Gnosis, only to find yet another twist: The Gnosis was never at the Golden House to begin with. Childe swiftly switched to his backup plan, attempting to force the Geo Archon to make an appearance by summoning an ancient god with Fatui-forged Sigils of Permission...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Heart of Glaze
The Fond Farewell
UnlocksThe Fond Farewell
Adventure EXP x 800
Primogem x 30
Mora x 38100
Hero's Wit x 4
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 7
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Look for the guide to the Jade Chamber
Paimon: (According to Keqing, this is what we should say...)
Paimon: Excuse me, do you sell the moon here?
Bu'yun: Yes. How many would you like?
Paimon: It is not convenient to speak of numbers here.
Bu'yun: Ah, well said. Please, use this to ascend to the Chamber... Ah, yes. Speaking of which — are you two the guests that Lady Ningguang has arranged to meet with today?
Paimon: Yup!
Bu'yun: (And yet the code they used was not the one for guests, but for the Yuheng. What's going on here...)
Paimon: *panting* Paimon's exhausted...
Paimon: If we hadn't happened to see the Jade Chamber flying over just as we came out of the Golden House, we really wouldn't have known which way to go...
Paimon: Whew, did we make it in time? Is the Overlord of the Vortex still in the sea? It hasn't destroyed Liyue yet, has it?
Xiao: What... are you doing here?
Paimon: Huh... Hold on! It's the adepti! What are you doing on the Jade Chamber? Paimon thought you were arguing with the Qixing... Is the fighting over?
Ningguang: Faced with a calamity of such magnitude, we have agreed to put our differences aside for now and unite against this common enemy.
Moon Carver: Hmph!
Paimon: Oh, Paimon gets it... So, how do you plan to defend Liyue?
Paimon: Uhh... just seeing this Overlord of the Vortex guy puts a pit in Paimon's tummy, even from all the way out here.
Keqing: It's not just you. We've got new Millelith recruits who can't even stand at attention without shaking. The force of an ancient god's presence seems to be too much for ordinary people to handle.
Keqing: ...Which is why we must stop that monster before it gets any closer to Liyue Harbor!
Paimon: So the Archon War was fought two thousand years ago against enemies like that thing? Now that's scary...
Xiao: ...
Paimon: So will the power of the Qixing, Millelith, and Adepti gathered here be enough to stop that god?
Ningguang: We've already discussed this together, and our conclusion is... not necessarily.
Paimon: What!? But all of you are supposed to be the guardians of Liyue. Can't you think of something?
Cloud Retainer: One certainly could.
Paimon: Eh?
Cloud Retainer: The Qixing did once research the matter of the Guizhong Ballista when it piqued their fancy.
Cloud Retainer: And as fate would have it, one, who did craft the Guizhong Ballista with one's own hands, is here...
Cloud Retainer: For what could you mortals ever learn of adepti mechanisms? Yet it would take one but a little tinkering to turn this ballista into an engine of war beyond your wildest thoughts.
Ningguang: Heh, I suppose this is one blessing from the adepti that we should be thankful for.
Ningguang: So be it. We shall use the upgraded Guizhong Ballista to fight off that god. All the adepti here can lend their strength to man it.
Ningguang: We haven't a moment to spare. Our battle begins now!
• Repel the ancient god together

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