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Lantern Rite: Day 4

Lantern Rite: Day 4
Requires AR0
SeriesLantern Rite: Day 4
Number of Quests1
Table of Contents
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1To My Old Friend, Wind Brings My Greetings

After receiving your help, Millelith is finally able to assign a little group to reinforce their defenses around the city. Unsatisfied with the lack of effort from them, you've come back to the area hoping to find more clues. To your surprise, you met Xiao, a Liyue adeptus who also has the same intention as you. You both discovered that there are some markings at the corners of the construction site. "If a shackle within the realm of deities and demons got loose, I shall take full responsibility." "But this time, the threat comes from the mortal world —— your world, and thus, you shall take full responsibility, mortal traveler." said the adeptus to you. To decipher the markings and to learn its origin, you're reminded of that person that you've met in Mondstadt, a knight who prioritizes results above all else without caring about every trivial law...
• Find Kaeya in Mondstadt
• Talk to Kaeya
• Talk to Kaeya's informant
• Locate the Treasure Thieves using the information
• Talk to the member of Treasure Thieves
• Defeat the Treasure Thieves

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