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Lantern Rite: Day 3

Lantern Rite: Day 3
Requires AR0
SeriesLantern Rite: Day 3
Number of Quests1
Table of Contents
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1In the City of Geo Live the Adepti

Materials which are used to make lanterns are all easily flammable, and they're piling up at Liyue's port. Between the mountains of materials, you saw a mysterious figure, which shortly got annoyed by your presence and told you off. You and Paimon shared a look and stared at the piles of wood, paper, and oil... You have a bad feeling about this and you went to the Ministry of Civil Affairs to report the situation. Now you're wondering how they're handling the situation, and you've decided to go and see.
• Talk to Jiayi at the Ministry of Civil Affairs
• Find the Millelith
• Defeat the hilichurls and their roadblock
• Talk to the squad of the Millelith
• Go back to the crime scene
• Talk to the stranger

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