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Bookworm Swordsman

Fabulae Textile Chapter: Act I
Requires AR26
SeriesFabulae Textile Chapter: Act I
Number of Quests4
Table of Contents
Adventure EXP x 1400
Mora x 79200
Hero's Wit x 8
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 16
Primogem x 60
Teachings of Gold x 5
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1Justice, for Books' Sake

Paimon wants to know whether the Wanwen Bookhouse has the Liyue volume of the Teyvat Travel Guide in stock.
• Go to the Wanwen Bookhouse in Liyue Harbor
• Ask Jifang about the travel guide
• Go to Qingce Village and visit Chang the Ninth
• Talk to Chang the Ninth
• Look for Xingqiu after he left with the book
• Defeat the attacking Fatui
x 1400
x 79200
x 8
x 16
# 2Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy

Your book search sent you to Qingce Village to look for Chang the Ninth. But you arrived to find thugs are trying to force Chang into a bad business deal. Xingqiu won't stand for this, and wants to find out more about the business magnate behind it — Gentry Maocai.
• Go to Gentry Maocai's residence and make inquiries
• Talk to the guards and make inquiries
• Go to Xinyue Kiosk and eavesdrop on Gentry Maocai
• Inform Xingqiu of Gentry Maocai's plan
x 350
x 19800
x 2
x 4
# 3Calm Before the Storm

It turns out Gentry Maocai needs a great deal of Cor Lapis to satisfy an order from the Fatui. Xingqiu has written a letter to the Feiyun Commerce Guild, hoping that they can help.
• Deliver the letter to the servant at the Feiyun Commerce Guild
• Talk to Xu at the Feiyun Commerce Guild
• Go to the store and buy Cor Lapis
• Go to the store and buy Cor Lapis
• Go to the store and buy Cor Lapis
• Go to the Chasm and buy Cor Lapis
• Talk to Shizhuang the Strong
• Search for the carts loaded with Cor Lapis
• Tell Shizhuang the Strong where to find Cor Lapis
• Purchase Chang the Ninth's ore
x 350
x 19800
x 2
x 4
# 4Justice Is Its Own Reward

As per Xingqiu's plan, the Feiyun Commerce Guild bought up all the Cor Lapis in Liyue Harbor. All that remains is to purchase Chang the Ninth's batch and Gentry Maocai will have nowhere left to turn.
• Go to the Feiyun Commerce Guild warehouse
• Talk to Xingqiu
• Help Gentry Maocai and defeat the attacking Fatui
• Fend off the Agent
• Fend off the Agent
• Return the Legend of the Shattered Halberd to its rightful owner
x 350
x 60
x 19800
x 5
x 2
x 4

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