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Farewell, Archaic Lord

Chapter I: Act II
Requires AR29
SeriesChapter I: Act II
Number of Quests7
Table of Contents
Adventure EXP x 4075
Mora x 143700
Adventurer's Experience x 35
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 30
Primogem x 120
Hero's Wit x 4
Memory of Immovable Crystals x 1
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1An Organization Known as Wangsheng

Upon your return from visiting the Adepti, you discover that the Qixing have hidden the Geo Archon's vessel away. Childe promised he'd find someone to break the stalemate, so you pay another visit to Northland Bank.
• Wait until the following day
• Talk to the bank staff
• Find Childe
• Enter Liuli Pavilion
• Talk to Zhongli outside
x 4075
x 143700
x 35
x 30
# 2Moonfinger

Childe introduced you to Zhongli, a consultant at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. You agree to help Zhongli organize the Rite of Parting in the hope of seeing the Geo Archon again.
• Go and buy Noctilucous Jade
• Look for the Meaty tribe's giant cooking pot
• Defeat the Hilichurls
• Approach the giant cooking pot
• Return to Liyue Harbor and find Shitou
• Put the Noctilucous Jade in place
• Use Pyro to heat the pot
• Defeat the Hilichurls
• Use Pyro to heat the pot
• Defeat the Hilichurls
• Use Pyro to heat the pot
x 625
x 120
x 22850
x 4
x 5
# 3Three Poignant Perfumes

Zhongli isn't concerned with the deicide itself, but with upholding Liyue's sacred traditions by giving a proper farewell to an archaic lord. Having selected a suitable batch of Noctilucous Jade, your next task is to prepare some perfumes as an offering to the Geo Archon.
• Go and buy Silk Flowers
• Seek Lan's advice
• Seek Qiming's advice
• Seek Ying'er's advice
• Rendezvous with Ying'er
• Fetch some water
• Talk to Ying'er
• Grind the Silk Flowers to extract the essence
• Give the Silk Flower Essence to Ying'er
• Offer the perfumes to the Statue of the Seven
x 525
x 19125
x 7
x 4
# 4The Realm Within

After identifying Rex Lapis' preferred scent, Zhongli sends you to Yujing Terrace to seek out an old friend of his, Madame Ping, and borrow a certain Cleansing Bell. Strange... Zhongli seems to be avoiding his old friend...
• Talk to Madame Ping
• Touch Madame Ping's teapot
• Search for the Cleansing Bell
• Talk to Madame Ping
• Put the perfume and Cleansing Bell in place
x 575
x 19800
x 7
x 4
# 5Downtown

Who would have guessed — Madame Ping is an adeptus! After leaving her household, which turned out to be a realm within a teapot, you proceed to Chihu Rock to continue preparations.
• Go and buy kites
• Find the three workers
• Talk to Tic
• Find a Qingxin flower
• Give the Qingxin flower to Tic
• Find the three workers
• Talk to Tac
• Find a Lotus Head
• Give the Lotus Head to Tac
• Find the three workers
• Talk to Toe
• Find an Iron Chunk
• Give the Iron Chunk to Toe
• Talk to Childe
x 575
x 30
x 19800
x 7
x 4
# 6Guizhong

You came to renowned purveyor of Liyue herbal medicine, Bubu Pharmacy, to procure some Everlasting Incense. But what started out as a straightforward trip to the pharmacy has turned into a far more complicated affair...
• Go to Bubu Pharmacy
• Find the source of the mystery voice
• Look for the Guizhong Ballista
• Inspect the Guizhong Ballista
• Retrieve spare parts from the military supply post
• Repair the Guizhong Ballista
• Defeat the Treasure Hoarders
• Find Qiqi back at the Bubu Pharmacy
• Put the Everlasting Incense in place
x 700
x 30
x 24250
x 2
x 5
# 7Zhongli's Treat

That Bubu Pharmacy trip turned into quite an exhilarating ride. (Okay, maybe not that exhilarating.) In yet another remarkable twist, Zhongli has offered to treat you to dinner!
• Wait until the appointed time (18:00 – 23:00)
• Go to Third-Round Knockout
• Sit next to Zhongli
x 575
x 30
x 19800
x 1
x 7
x 4

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