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The Pale Princess and the Six Pygmies (IV)

The Pale Princess and the Six Pygmies (IV)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionA fairytale story that has been told throughout Teyvat for ages. Installment four describes the meeting between the Pale Princess, the Light Prince, and the Six Pygmies.
Item Story
"Princess of the Moonlight Forest, please save my five brothers. We will vow our loyalty to you in return for your kindness," begged a deformed pygmy who had just popped up from behind the branches.
The kind Princess, sympathizing with the pygmies, promised to help them.
They climbed up the dark mountains and saved the pygmy on the ridge, who was blind.
"Oh, silly me. I climbed all the way up here to try and get a better view." The blind pygmy apologized profusely.
They dragged another pygmy out of the muddy wetland. This one was a fool.
"Hehehe." The foolish pygmy thanked the Princess.
They walked into the cave where the Nightgaunt resides and saved another pygmy, who was timid, from the top of a stalactite.
"Not... not to brag, but I... I came here to have a fierce fight with the Night Mother's minions!" The timid pygmy explained.
They set foot on a barren field and found a shrunken pygmy in the quicksand.
"I wanted to see my garden but somehow got lost." Rubbing his withered palms, the shrunken pygmy grinned.
They snuck into the nest of shadows and rescued a carefree pygmy from the clutches of carnivorous mushrooms.
"I was out for a walk and somehow got trapped here." the carefree pygmy sighed.
One by one, the Princess and the Prince saved the deformed pygmy's five brothers. The kind Princess said to them:
"Now that you are all my people, please let me take you to the Kingdom of Light. It's a place that can bring sight to the blind, wisdom to the foolish, courage to the timid, and reinvigoration to the shrunken. As a princess, this is my gesture of gratitude to you."
On hearing this, the pygmies were elated. To show their gratitude, they went along on the journey to serve the Prince and the Princess.

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