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The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (VIII)

The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (VIII)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game Description"When he has mastered human language..." The fox's voice is gently carried away by the midnight breeze, drifting further and further away together with the dandelion seeds...
After all, the fox is a different kind of creature from the human, and the two do not share all the same sense of mirth and misery...
Item Story
Thus she softly said.
I looked at her face, mesmerized.
I couldn't hear what she said after that. The mischievous night breeze was laden with dandelion seeds, which muffled her words.
Or perhaps that was her native language? The language of dandelions?
She began to laugh as she perceived my clumsy, gauche appearance.
She had the most beautiful laugh. The curved pupils in her eyes glistened like two crescent moons shining on ripples in the lake.
"Now, tell me then, why is it you wish to learn fox magic?"
"I want to learn to transform just like foxes do. That way I could turn into a bird and fly to the highest of heights, and behold places that were once too far for my eyes to see."
That was my reply.
"Ahh yes, no longer will I need to lie in wait among the bushes while hunting. Instead, I will be able to freely soar high above like a falcon."
Thus I kept thinking to myself.
As I was thought to myself, the dandelion seed in my hand began to float up towards the moonlight, almost as if it had heard my thoughts.
"I see..."
She lowered her head slightly and her long, black hair flowed down her neck like a waterfall, glistening in the moonlight. Her pale white skin shone brightly, seemingly reflecting the wisps of clouds in the night sky above.
I couldn't take my eyes off her. After a moment, I quickly turned my gaze away as I started blushing again.
Foxes are free animals. They would never cover their beauty because of shame like humans do.
Although this certainly wasn't the first time I beheld her, every time the moonlight shone upon her long hair, I couldn't help but blush and look away.
She turned her face in thought for a moment, and let out a gentle sigh. She seemed rather displeased.
We sat amidst the dandelion sea, not saying a word. A long time passed, long enough that I started thinking that she might be angry with me.
"We foxes are grateful beings. I will teach you the magic of transformation, and so fulfill your wish."
The fox said, turning her face towards me.
Her lake-blue eyes shone in the moonlight, and it made me feel at peace.
Thank goodness, she wasn't mad at me.
For some reason I could not clearly name, I quietly heaved a sight of relief.

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