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The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (IX)

The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (IX)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionWhen I have taught all that there is to teach, will it be possible to see this sea of dandelions again...?
In the dandelion sea, the hunter starts to contemplate leaving.
Item Story
The little fox learned very quickly, and could sometimes even ask questions that would stump me.
For human speech is complicated and intricate, nothing like the innocence of animal speech.
Sometimes, language is like a yarn ball caught in the paws of a cat. It catches here and there, and there again it catches a student's tongue, sometimes even tripping a teacher up.
But foxes are clever animals, and very quickly they learn the many intricacies of human speech that were handed down over the generations, becoming able to describe the way dandelions float away, or how the moonlight shines over the lake in a rudimentary manner.
Every time the little fox discovered a new term, every time he tried using unfamiliar words to explore a familiar world, to bestow meanings upon the wind, dandelions and the earth, she would be beside him, smiling, watching us.
The little fox learned very quickly, but I did not take much joy from that.
When I had run out of things to teach, would she still keep me here in this dandelion sea?
When that time came, would I still be able to behold those beautiful eyes under the moonlight?
Would she still lead me into the depths of the dandelion sea, smiling slyly as we frolicked and breathed in the bitter fragrance that came from both the north and south winds?
As I thought about such things, I became lost in sullen memory.
Yes, that's right. On that night that I could no longer remember clearly, when I was about to part with the girl I loved, this same moon had hung in the sky as well.
"Thank you for everything up till now."
Before I knew it, the fox had walked in front of me. She bowed, and her hair spilled over her shoulders, flowing like water in the glimmering moonlight.
"Once he has learned human speech, he should be able to make more new friends."
"I am truly thankful to you for all you've done. He has also cheered up significantly since beginning to learn the human language."
She gazed at me, her deep, unfathomable eyes shining like jewels.
"Still, once you have finished teaching us the human language, where will you go then?"
Enraptured by those shining eyes, I forgot to reply.
Was this fox magic, too?
Seeing my wooden expression, the fox laughed and sighed.
Then, she turned and began walking in the direction of the moon, leading me further into the center of the moonlit dandelion sea.
Seeing this, the little fox swished its tail from side to side, and burrowed into the dandelion fields.

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