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The Boar Princess (V)

The Boar Princess (V)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game Description"No-one deserves this fate." The good princess sheds a tear of compassion. For those who persevere as true companions, even the ice shall melt before their determination.
The Boar Princess, Part 5.
Item Story
So she asked her people for advice on how to defrost his heart and turn him back to his former sweet self.
She asked and asked, but only the wise fox and the elderly turtle knew the answer:
"Ack-ack-ack! Only sincerity and fire could melt such evil ice. Ack-ack-ack!" The fox replied.
"Friendship demands sacrifice. No friendships come without sacrifices. I apologize for not knowing how to make funny sounds," the trustworthy Grandpa Turtle said.
The clever Boar Princess knew right away what she had to do. She dried her tears and curtsied to the two wise animals:
"Oink oink! Thank you! I would like for you to come and see the pup with me, so that you can be the first to witness our friendship!"
When the fox and the turtle heard the Boar Princess was willing to invite them on a royal trip, their hearts were filled with joy. They set out with the Princess and headed north.

(A handwritten note, seemingly from the young girl's father, is taped to the page: "Turtles can't make noises, no matter how hard they try. The reason Grandpa Turtle apologizes for this is just because he is very polite.")

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