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Lost Adventure Notebook

Lost Adventure Notebook
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game Description
A set of adventurer's notes that you picked up in the ruins. It seems to contain a clue to unlocking these mechanisms.
Item Story
I'll leave this notebook here. Maybe this treasure is destined for someone else.

As you may have noticed, the mechanism installed by the door needs someone operating it constantly. Otherwise, the other mechanisms cannot be operated.
But there's a catch...
The person operating the mechanism by the door takes on an enormous risk.
If the other mechanisms are operated in the wrong sequence, that person will face...

One other word of advice:
The number of torches does not indicate the sequence of operation... We made that mistake, and paid a painful price.
Perhaps... the order has something to do with the position of the torches on the ground?

What is the answer?
Oh, how I wish to know...
But Eric physically can't take any more..."

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