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Hilichurl Cultural Customs (IV)

Hilichurl Cultural Customs (IV)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionIt contains the investigations and observations into the cultural customs of the hilichurls by the "Poet Laureate of Hilichurlian," Jacob Musk, a Mondstadt ecologist. This volume explores the diverse cultural customs of the hilichurls in relation to Mondstadt's.
Item Story

The Meaty tribe is fond of feasting. They have built a boar-rearing pen in the center of their settlement and assigned a swineherd to watch over it. Over a natural stove made with a Pyro Slime, they cook boar stew in a single, large pot from which each tribe member feeds according to their needs.
The most striking feature of this tribe is its sizable combat arena. Those who set foot in the arena are understood to be accepting an open invitation to engage in combat, and those subsequently ousted from it face being mocked by the entire tribe.

The Sleeper tribe is prone to sleeping at every opportunity. They have built themselves an environment especially conducive to sleep, consisting of simple, wooden huts furnished with soft animal hide for beds. They are the most cunning and devious of the hilichurl tribes, and their above-average mental capacity can perhaps be attributed to the superior sleep quality they enjoy.

The practices of the Eclipse tribe are the most occult of any in Mondstadt. They concern themselves neither with brains nor brawn, but with occult power. Distinct from the elemental powers worshiped by their peers, the object of their worship is a crude symbol that appears to represent an eclipsed sun. Their shamans are more powerful than those of the other tribes. In the center of their settlement, the other tribe members have built a grand throne for the most formidable of shamans who leads them.

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