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Archivist’s Treasure Trove

"Archivist's Treasure Trove"
TypeFurniture - Bookcase
Adeptal Energy90
In-game Description
A large bookshelf often used by libraries. One may need the help of a ladder to get some books.
A certain person claiming to be the attendant of some noble from a distant land once whispered that his master had been in a state of constant excitement for several days after being invited by the witch who manages the books to organize just such a giant messy shelf.
Obtained from recipe
Birch Wood
x 16+
Red Dye
x 8+
Recipe unlocked with item
"Archivist's Treasure Trove"
Recipe item obtained from shop
Realm Depot
Is Part of Furniture Suite
Well-Equipped Study ( x1 )
Amidst Poetic Pondering ( x1 )
Secret Research Lab ( x1 )

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