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The Color of the Wind

"The Color of the Wind"
TypeFurniture - Tree
Adeptal Energy20
In-game Description
A tree commonly found in Mondstadt. It is said that trees within Mondstadt's borders have been nourished by the breeze for so many years that some have been affected by Elemental Particles, which is why Anemo Slimes are sometimes found dozing in the treetops.
Obtained from recipe
Fragrant Cedar Wood
x 20+
Is Part of Furniture Suite
Adventurer Camp ( x1 )
Frontier Life ( x1 )
Rocks & Plants ( x1 )
Suburbia Lighting ( x1 )
Hermit's Hut ( x1 )
Hamlet House ( x1 )
Rural Water Source ( x1 )
Idyllic Town ( x1 )
Bird and Blossom Park ( x1 )
Qingce Cloud Residence ( x1 )
Of Hunting and Dancing ( x1 )
Obtained from shop
Realm Depot
Obtained as Handbook Reward
Adeptal Mirror - Round 2

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