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Adeptal Mirror – Round 2

Adeptal Mirror - Round 2
TypeAdeptal Mirror
Number of tasks1
Prev RoundAdeptal Mirror - Round 1
Next RoundAdeptal Mirror - Round 3
Completion Rewards
Merchant's Working Lunch x 1
Ever-Popular Eatery x 1
Rural Water Source x 1
Rocks & Plants x 1
Suburbia Lighting x 1
Corner of the Teahouse x 1
Table & Chairs x 1
Roofed Well: For Purity x 1
Northland Hound x 1
Obtain 100 pieces of wood through cutting down trees
Obtain 5 types of wood through cutting down trees
Learn 20 furnishing blueprints
Construct 20 furnishings
Place 10 Rock furnishings in a single realm layout
Place 1 furnishing set
Obtain 500 Realm Currency
Reach Adeptal Energy Rank "Cozy"
Reach Trust Rank 3

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