Leonine Bite

Leonine Bite
Leonine BiteRelated to Character
DescriptionUnleashing her burning anger and casting her inconvenient blade aside, Dehya enters the Blazing Lioness state and increases her resistance to interruption.
In this state, Dehya will automatically and continuously unleash the Flame-Mane's Fists, dealing Pyro DMG based on her ATK and Max HP, and when its duration ends, she will unleash an Incineration Drive, dealing AoE Pyro DMG based on her ATK and Max HP.
If a Fiery Sanctum field created by Dehya's own Elemental Skill "Molten Inferno" exists when this ability is unleashed, Dehya will retrieve it, and then create another field once Blazing Lioness's duration expires. This field will take on the retrieved field's duration at the moment of its retrieval.
In this state, Dehya will be unable to cast her Elemental Skill, or perform Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks. "Normal Attack: Sandstorm Assault" and Elemental Skill "Molten Inferno" will be replaced by "Roaring Barrage."

Roaring Barrage
Unleashing Roaring Barrage within 0.4s after each Flame-Mane's Fist strike will increase the speed at which the next Flame-Mane's Fist strike will be triggered.

Even the flowing flames must obey her rage and at her command become her fangs and claws.
Flame-Mane's Fist DMG98.7% ATK + 1.69% Max HP106.1% ATK + 1.82% Max HP113.51% ATK + 1.95% Max HP123.37% ATK + 2.12% Max HP130.78% ATK + 2.24% Max HP138.18% ATK + 2.37% Max HP148.05% ATK + 2.54% Max HP157.92% ATK + 2.71% Max HP167.79% ATK + 2.88% Max HP177.66% ATK + 3.05% Max HP187.53% ATK + 3.21% Max HP197.4% ATK + 3.38% Max HP209.74% ATK + 3.6% Max HP222.08% ATK + 3.81% Max HP234.41% ATK + 4.02% Max HP
Incineration Drive DMG139.3% ATK + 2.39% Max HP149.75% ATK + 2.57% Max HP160.2% ATK + 2.75% Max HP174.13% ATK + 2.99% Max HP184.57% ATK + 3.16% Max HP195.02% ATK + 3.34% Max HP208.95% ATK + 3.58% Max HP222.88% ATK + 3.82% Max HP236.81% ATK + 4.06% Max HP250.74% ATK + 4.3% Max HP264.67% ATK + 4.54% Max HP278.6% ATK + 4.78% Max HP296.01% ATK + 5.07% Max HP313.42% ATK + 5.37% Max HP330.84% ATK + 5.67% Max HP
Energy Cost707070707070707070707070707070

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