Vera’s Melancholy (III)

Vera's Melancholy (III)
Vera's Melancholy (III)NameVera's Melancholy (III)
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyBook, Vera's Melancholy
DescriptionThe Andromeda Empire stretches across half the galaxy group. Every planet within the Empire has its own demons and deities, dragons and monsters.
"I've come up with a story for every star from your home." "That's not possible. Looking from here, the Andromeda Galaxy is only one fifth the size of your moon."
So continues Vera's adventure.

Item Story

—The Man Who Stole the Lone Star—
"I am the second rightful heir to the Andromeda Empire, and I have more than two hundred titles to my name. You shall call me the Princess Andro-Basilisks." The charming girl then crossed her arms, savoring the moment of her entrance in her mind and giggling to herself in amusement.
Her sole reason for gracing Delphi with her presence was to marry Ike.
"If you, he who conquered a quarter of the universe, marry me, my safety shall be guaranteed after my elder sister takes the throne."
"If I may ask, how big is the Andromeda Empire?" Vera asked.
"I reckon there are more than nine thousand inhabitable planets."
——With so many stars in your possession, why come to steal my brilliance?

"So you aren't here to harm Vera?" Sachi cautiously asked Ike, who was carrying the scrolls and globes of other planets.
"Of course not. I think she would make a great assistant." After putting everything down, he clapped his hands. "You like her?"
"Me? No, not at all, I don't like her at all!" Sachi looked away, worried that the old sage might discern his true feelings.
He reached for a box full of photo frames. He grabbed a few at random, each picture depicting a different beauty.
"Look at them... They all said that they gave me their one and only true love, but did they? In reality, I was just one of their many lovers."
Sachi did not know when or where he had heard the saying, but it blurted out from his mouth in his moment of annoyance:
"With so many stars in your possession, why come to steal my brilliance?"

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