Fame and Fortune For a Season

Fame and Fortune For a Season
Fame and Fortune For a SeasonNameFame and Fortune For a Season
Type (Ingame)Fireworks
DescriptionA firework that explodes in the shape of Mora. Some say that if you view this from just the right angle, your fortunes for the year shall be assured.

Obtained From


Granny Shan Shop
Event Shop
items per Page


IconNameRewardReward (Total)Ver
Fleeting Colors in Flight
Fleeting Colors in Flight
Crown of Insight
Hero's Wit
Mystic Enhancement Ore
Prithiva Topaz Fragment
Guide to Prosperity
Immaculate Talisman1200
Hero's Wit64
Mystic Enhancement Ore84
Recipe: Bountiful Year1
Affluence Talisman3000
Conquest Talisman2220
The Mountain Clouds Let Down Golden Rain1
The Silver Night is Full of Stars1
The Gloom Paints the Cold Blooms1
Fireworks Dance Amidst a Snowy Sky1
Golden Calendula Swirl1
Kindled Trees by the Moonlit Window1
Launch Tube1
Sparkly Shiny Dodoco!1
Fame and Fortune For a Season1
Unyielding Spirit1
Festival Spotlight1
Wanmin Feast1
Mischievous Villosas1
Agnidus Agate Fragment6
Varunada Lazurite Fragment6
Vajrada Amethyst Fragment6
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment6
Shivada Jade Fragment6
Prithiva Topaz Fragment6
Festive Fragrance: Goods Piled High1
Festive Fragrance: Of Gold and Jade1
Rainbow Lights: Lovely Night View1
Fine Stall: Splash of Color1
Rainbow Stall: Ultramarine1
Rainbow Stall: Ruby Red1
Rainbow Cloud Flying Satin Pole1
Blooming Candle: Pure as a Lotus1
Rainbow Lights: At Dawn We Celebrate1
Crown of Insight1
Guide to Prosperity6
Philosophies of Prosperity2
Guide to Diligence6
Philosophies of Diligence2
Guide to Gold6
Philosophies of Gold2
items per Page

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