Fortune Slip

Fortune Slip
Fortune SlipNameFortune Slip
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyFortune Slip, Non-Codex Series
DescriptionA special slip of paper that can illuminate one's fortune. Also known to a certain someone as "strips of paper."
You can only get one of these per day, which will cause the previous day's fortune slip to lose meaning and disappear.
They say that slips that portend ill luck such as "Misfortune" and "Great Misfortune" can be tied to the Fortune Slip Hanger as a prayer for a turnaround.
Regardless, "fate" and "destiny" are things best grasped and forged in one's own hands.

Item Story

—Good Fortune—
A day like any other. A routine that the body and mind are accustomed to.
An item will appear to replace something you lost, which will bring you great happiness.
Relations with the acquaintances you see most frequently will improve, and some may even become the best of friends.
Even the most ordinary of days can become a treasured memory.

Your lucky object for the day: Shining Crystal Core
Crystalflies are tiny life-forms born of coalesced elemental energy.
And the elements are blessings promised by the world to the people who inhabit it.

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