Fortune Slip

Fortune Slip
Fortune SlipNameFortune Slip
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyFortune Slip, Non-Codex Series
DescriptionA special slip of paper that can illuminate one's fortune. Also known to a certain someone as "strips of paper."
You can only get one of these per day, which will cause the previous day's fortune slip to lose meaning and disappear.
They say that slips that portend ill luck such as "Misfortune" and "Great Misfortune" can be tied to the Fortune Slip Hanger as a prayer for a turnaround.
Regardless, "fate" and "destiny" are things best grasped and forged in one's own hands.

Item Story

—Great Fortune—
The clouds disperse, revealing the moon in the sky. Whoever draws this slip will receive great fortune.
With clarity in your heart, what you wish for will come true.
Things will go your way today, whether there is something you wish to accomplish...
...or someone you wish to meet. Now is the time to act.

Your lucky object for the day: Everburning Flaming Flower Stamen
The heat of a Flaming Flower comes from the fire in its heart.
The reason everything will go your way is because your heart knows the path to take.

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