Vera’s Melancholy (VII)

Vera's Melancholy (VII)
Vera's Melancholy (VII)NameVera's Melancholy (VII)
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyBook, Vera's Melancholy
DescriptionIn the star clusters at the outer reaches of the universe, habitable planets are few and far between. For this reason, the region is the playground of space captains and pirates alone.
With this being the universe, though, there is no port and starboard in the traditional sense — out here, "starboard" means whichever side of your spacecraft is oriented towards the star you are using for navigation...
Lose yourself, and especially your sense of direction, in this next chapter of Vera's starbound voyage!

Item Story

—Galaxy Wars—
"Re-igniting a sun is not difficult, but I don't think the Andromeda Empire would like to see that happen," Ike said to the panicked Vera.
"Do you mean that the Princess has kidnapped Sachi?" Vera said with some shock in her voice after giving the matter some thought.
"How did you come to that conclusion? I'm saying that only the Andromeda Empire would be capable of kidnapping you and the Princess." Ike then turned to face the innumerable lives that dwelled within the galaxy.
He paused for a moment before declaring thus: "Inhabitants of the galaxy. Though I have come here upon the invitation of the High Saint King Lebannin to re-ignite the flames of the few remaining stars, it seems that the Andromeda Empire does not wish for your longevity, and has thus kidnapped my friend."
"Are you then to put their lives over that of all life?" Saint King Lebannin arose from her seat. "If that is the case, why then do I rule over these stars?"

Finally, the Saint King would charge into peril alone, defeat the assassins from the Andromeda Empire, and rescue both the Princess and Sachi. Afterward, she had a few words with Ike.
"I didn't think you could defeat the dominant species of Andromeda," Ike praised. "They're a strong and hardy race. I suppose it's true, then, that you defeated the holy dragon en route to becoming the Saint King."
"I am, in fact, that same holy dragon. I fused with Lebannin's flesh and blood, and now act according to her wishes."
"Huh..." Ike was a little shocked by this.
"Ah, yes. Is that fellow the person the Second Princess is fond of? When I barged in, they were..."
"What!?" Now that was a much bigger shock for Ike.

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