Hex & Hound (IV)

Hex & Hound (IV)
Hex & Hound (IV)NameHex & Hound (IV)
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyBook, Hex & Hound
DescriptionEven a dog can learn basic things like upper-class etiquette — or so insists a certain non-nonsense teacher from afar.

Item Story

The cup fell from his languid hand as Dietrich collapsed to the floor.
Nottie crouched beside Dietrich and relieved him of the saber sheathed upon his waist.
She stroked the hilt of the blade for a moment before pulling back her hand, and a black gemstone that had been inlaid in the hilt fell into her palm.

"How convenient... You have brought the Eye of Eternal Night right to me. Thank you."
Removing the snake armband as she spoke, she placed the black gemstone in the mouth of the snake.
Scales and flesh began to quickly ripple from the snake's head down its body. A small black snake uncoiled in Nottie's hands, slithering off her palm and falling to the floor. The snake began to enlarge, forming into a massive python with red eyes and black scales, its twisting body almost filled the whole room.
Nottie extended her hand and as the magical lamps illuminated the room, the python began to shrink down again and coiled back around her arm.

"Hmm? Are you hiding?"
Nottie turned her gaze to beneath the bed.
Under which she found...
A dog.
It was trembling uncontrollably, probably frightened by the python a moment before.

"Oh, what a pity. I wanted to turn you into a wolf, but it seems you turned into a dog instead!"
Although Nottie's words seemed to be apologizing, her voice lacked any hint of remorse.

Dietrich still hadn't realized what had happened yet. It was only by pure instinct that he had scurried under the bed.
Only then did he begin to come to his senses. He tried to say something after hearing Nottie's words, but no matter how hard he tried, only "woof woof woof" would come out.
After hearing himself, Dietrich panicked and dashed out from under the bed.

No matter how many times Dietrich leaped in front of the mirror, or how many times he howled in disbelief, the reflection of a striking young noble never appeared again.
Dietrich then turned with a snarl and leaped towards Nottie. Without even being the least bit startled, she simply glanced at him with folded arms. Suddenly Dietrich could no longer move toward her, no matter how hard he tried.

"That's not the proper etiquette for addressing a lady. Hmm... It seems you need to be trained!"

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