Hex & Hound (II)

Hex & Hound (II)
Hex & Hound (II)NameHex & Hound (II)
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyBook, Hex & Hound
DescriptionMoney doesn't solve all your problems, but it can certainly solve a lot of them! A young woman's summer vacation in Mondstadt opens to the melodic tune of a symphonic sum of Mora.

Item Story

The plebeian lass arrived in the city on one fine sunny day. Her long golden hair shone like the spring sunshine, and her blue eyes sparkled like the gleaming waves in the afternoon sun. It's hard to imagine how such a girl could travel alone from the monster infested outskirts all the way to the city.

"To call her suspect would only be an insult to her beauty!"
Thus shouted the drunken gate sentry among the clamor of the crowded tavern. His earnings from guarding the gate that day were especially bountiful, enough to keep his cup brimming until dawn at least.
"We all know you were just dumbstruck by her beauty!"
The man next to him pulled no punches.
"Hah, what do you know! Do I look like one to go frolicking after ladies? I'll show you what I really have my eye on!"
The soldier promptly pulled out his money purse and shook it in his hand.
"Good heavens! Today, drinks are on you!"
"You heard the man, drinks all around! I'm just worried that one more will be one too many for ya!"

So this traveling scholar who went by the name of Nottie settled into her newfound life in the city.
Nottie spoke in a quiet, gentle manner. A rumor eventually began floating around the streets claiming that if you exchanged a few words with Nottie during the day, you would have sweet dreams the following night.
Apart from this, the new girl didn't disturb the lives of those in the city in any manner. After all, the people not only had their daily lives to deal with, but also the constant oppression from the nobility.

"Oh, I thought life in the city would be simple. I never imagined it would be like this..."
As rays of sunset filled her room, she tilted her head and rested it on her hands. Sitting beside the table, her fingers seemed to be circling around something. Her words flowed like a magical chant with the power to persuade people into believing almost anything.

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