Diary of Roald the Adventurer: Qingce Village

Diary of Roald the Adventurer: Qingce Village
Diary of Roald the Adventurer: Qingce VillageNameDiary of Roald the Adventurer: Qingce Village
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyBook, Diary of Roald the Adventurer
DescriptionA diary left behind by the famed adventurer, Roald, at a makeshift camp. It stills looks new, and smells like the fragrant herbs of Mt. Qingce.

Item Story

—Qingce Village—
Leaving Dragonspine, I waded through rivers, walked across shoals carpeted with silver grass, and made my way through sun-dappled bamboo forests, before finally arriving at Mt. Qingce. My shoes and clothes were all soaked from the heavy rain. Luckily, the elders in the village were kind enough to let me hang my clothes in the assembly hall. They even prepared dry clothes and some food for me.
There were many children in Qingce Village. Sweet as they may be, they can become quite clingy. There were also many elders here. People living here seemed happy and carefree. The elders said that most of the young people had gone to work in Liyue Harbor. Many of them already had a family there and they would send money back every month. Having seen the prosperity and convenience of the city, it's hard for these young people to go back to the rural life here. Liyue Harbor has brought peace and prosperity to Qingce Village for the time being, but eventually it will also be the cause of its demise.
Legend has it that the word "Qingce" originated from the name of an ancient monster "Chi." "Chi," of course, is what we call it now in the contemporary language. But in ancient times, the people of Liyue pronounced it as "Qingce."
An elder said that thousands of years ago, Morax defeated the sea serpent and brought peace back to Liyue. After Chi died, its body turned to stone, its blood became water, and its scales are now the terraced fields. The monster's nest became what we now call Mt. Qingce.
But after a quick look, I believe the mountains consist of mostly rocks shattered by impacts from the outside. No traces of a hydro monster can be found in the rocks. Perhaps the corpse of Chi is long gone and this monster-turning-into-a-mountain thing is nothing but an ancient tale?
My next destination is the lake located amongst the stone peaks of Jueyun Karst. It is said that there is a labyrinth where the adepti live. Let's see if I can find them.

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