“Seal of the Provisional Head Priestess”

Name"Seal of the Provisional Head Priestess"
FamilyHomeworld, Rock, Exterior Furniture, Furniture
Adeptal Energy20 
Load35 (24)
AE/L Ratio0.57 (0.83)
DescriptionA stone that is nearly as tall as a person and can be seen in the wilderness of Seirai Island. The stone is securely tied with a shimenawa, with a Prayer Plaque with a cat's claw design hanging from it. The paw print on the top of the stone is particularly clear, and it is said that it is the "handiwork" of Neko, "Provisional Head Priestess of the Asase Shrine." However, the size is too large to be a mark left by that cat...

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Obtained From


Realm Depot
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Used By

Furniture Suite

IconNameAdeptal EnergyLoadAE/L RatioConsists of
Ancient Branch Shrine
Ancient Branch Shrine1030 1845 (1504)0.56 (0.68)
Cleansing Shrine1
The Aster's Sigh1
Yumemiru 1
White Fish Tallow Candle: Evenlight3
Foundations of Stone: Double-Time2
Foundations of Stone: Timely Arrival2
Foundations of Stone: Path of Cultivation1
Fortune Slip Stand: Omen-Reader1
Sappan and Vermilion Enjoined1
The Red Kite's Waking and Sleeping2
Yumemiru 1
Sky Kitsune Statue: Hakushin's Legacy2
Yumemiru 2
Jade Wilds
Jade Wilds450 1280 (1143)0.35 (0.39)
Of Promises Unkept the Night Flowers Speak2
The Red Kite's Waking and Sleeping1
Sappan and Vermilion Enjoined1
Ritual Shrine1
White Fish Tallow Candle: Evenlight2
Otogi Countryside Street Lamp2
Melancholy, the Dewgrass Shadowing7
Wading Stones1
Meditation Stone2
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