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 A Discord bot for anything Genshin Impact related! Providing full information about the contents in the game such as characters, weapons, artifacts, etc. to news feeds system to an accurate and detailed gacha simulator with other handy utility features! Available languages: Taiwan (zh-TW), German (de), English (en), Spanish (es), French (fr), Indonesian (id), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Thai (th) and Vietnamese (vi).

News Feed

Module that provides direct game news feeds from the Genshin Impact forums. Commands:• g!news: Shows which news feed are available in the bot to be set up.• g!news list: Shows which news feed are configured on the server, which channel they're on and which role they ping.• g!news ping <language>: Gives or removes your role for when news of a language are sent.• g!news log <language>: Lists the previous news posts.• g!news set channel <language> \[channel\]: Sets the bot to post news of a language in a channel. If there's no channel given it will use the channel this command is called at.• g!news set role <language> \[role\]: Sets the bot to ping a role when news for a language are sent.• g!news remove channel <language>: Stops the bot from posting news of a language.• g!news remove role <language>: Stops the bot from pinging a role when sending news for a language.


Module that provides nearly accurate gacha simulation, from rates to the way the results are displayed and ability to view your previous rolls and statistics about them. Commands:• g!roll <banner>: Roll on a banner. To view the available banners you must use g!roll list.• g!roll list: Displays the available banners to roll on that should usually match the banners available in game.• g!roll rates <banner>: Displays the rates of the characters and weapons in a banner.• g!roll log: Displays your last 100 rolls on the bot.• g!roll stats: Displays useful stats about your rolls on the bot.


Module that provides complete overview of a character in the game. From stats to skills, passives and constellations or their costs to upgrade and full art to their lore and voice quotes. You can also calculate their stats at a specific level.NOTE: Some commands might be log, it's suggested to have a specific channel for them. Commands:• g!char \[level\] <name>: Shows a general overview of a character such as stats or materials needed to promote. By default it will show the base and maximum stats for that character.• g!char list \[filters\]: Shows a list of available characters in the game. If filters are provided it will narrow down the search:• • --rarity: Shows the characters with the specified rarity. Must be a value between 1 and 5.• • --weapon: Shows the characters which can wield the provided weapon. Has to be: Bow, Sword, Claymore, Catalyst and Polearm.• • --element: Shows the characters which are of the provided element. Has to be: Electro, Anemo, Pyro, Hydro, Geo, Cryo and Dendro.• • --bmonth: Shows the characters which are of the provided birthday month. Must be a value between 1 and 12.• g!char skills <name>: Shows a character skills such as their description, modifiers and upgrade costs.• g!char passives <name>: Shows passives and constellation skills of a character.• g!char quotes <name>: Shows all the voice quotes of a character.• g!char story <name>: Shows the lore text of a character.• g!char art <name>: Shows the full art of a character.


This module provides information about the game artifacts such as their set bonuses, possible main and sub stat ranges for all rarities with the ability to calculate their main stats at a specific level. Commands:• g!artifact \[level\] <name>: Shows details such as set pieces, possible main stats and possible sub stats of an artifact.• g!artifact list \[filters\]: Shows the available artifacts in the bot. If filters are provided, it will help to narrow down the search:• • --rarity: Shows the artifacts that have pieces with the specified rarity. Must be a value between 1 and 5.


This module provides information about the game materials such as base crafting items, potions and upgrade items. Commands:• g!material <name>: Shows details about a material such as where to obtain it, how it's crafted or what or who uses the material.• g!material list \[filters\]: Shows the list of available materials. If filters are provided it will filter down by them:• • --rarity: Displays the materials with the specified rarity. Must be a value between 1 and 5.• • --type: The type of the material. Must be one of: Teyvat's Resources, Food and Potions, Trophies and Utility Items.


This module provides information about the game recipes for smithing, cooking and alchemy. Commands:• g!alchemy <name>: Shows information of an alchemy recipe.• g!alchemy list: Shows a list of the available alchemy recipes.• g!cooking <name>: Shows information of a cooking recipe such as possible bonuses, variations and who is needed for the special variation of that recipe.• g!cooking list: Shows a list of the available cooking recipes.• g!forge <name>: Shows information of forgery recipe. If the resulting item is a weapon, it will display the weapon data instead.• g!forge list: Shows a list of the available forgery recipes.


This module provides a neat feature that can help you remind when your Resin is almost capped, when the game is going down for maintenance or when maintenance is about to end or when you're 30 minutes away from a co-op lobby you organized with your friends. This feature is not restricted only for Genshin Impact related stuff, it can be used for any kind of reminder you would like and need. Commands:• g!remind <when> <reason>: Creates a reminder. The time can be a value like "in 5 minutes" or a specific time like "4/24 13:00 ART".• g!remind list: Displays a list of your active reminders.• g!remind clear: Clears all of your pending reminder.• g!remind delete <id>: Deletes a reminder. To view the ID use the remind list command.


This module provides the ability to view and customize both the guild and user prefixes to call bot commands. Commands:• g!prefix: Displays all of the prefixes you can use to call bot commands.• g!prefix set : Changes your personal custom prefix. Limited to 4 characters.• g!prefix guild set Changes the server custom prefix. Limited to 4 characters. 

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