Cider Lake

Cider Lake
Cider LakeNameCider Lake
SubMondstadt Fishing Ponds
Displayed Fish Max4
DescriptionOne of the fishing points registered with the Mondstadt Fishing Association. It is located in Cider Lake and contains a wide variety of fish.

Fish Spawn

During Day

Spawn Probability
Aizen Medaka31.57%
Aizen Medaka1.05%
Rusty Koi21.05%
Rusty Koi1.26%
Tea-Colored Shirakodai31.57%
Tea-Colored Shirakodai2.1%
Amount5 + 1~3

During Night

Spawn Probability
Aizen Medaka35.62%
Aizen Medaka1.18%
Rusty Koi23.75%
Rusty Koi1.42%
Venomspine Fish35.62%
Venomspine Fish2.37%
Amount5 + 1~3

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