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Alley Hunter

Amber Bead

Amos’ Bow

Apprentice’s Notes

Aquila Favonia

Beginner’s Protector

Black Tassel

Blackcliff Agate

Blackcliff Longsword

Blackcliff Pole

Blackcliff Slasher

Blackcliff Warbow

Bloodtainted Greatsword

Boreas Precocity

Compound Bow

Cool Steel

Crescent Pike

Dark Iron Sword


Debate Club


Diamond Visage

Dragon’s Bane

Dragonspine Spear

Dull Blade

Ebony Bow

Elegy for the End

Emerald Orb

Eye of Perception

Favonius Codex

Favonius Greatsword

Favonius Lance

Favonius Sword

Favonius Warbow

Ferrous Shadow

Festering Desire

Fillet Blade



Harbinger of Dawn

Hunter’s Bow

Iron Point

Iron Sting

Kunwu’s Wyrmbane

Lion’s Roar

Lithic Blade

Lithic Spear

Lost Ballade

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Magic Guide

Mappa Mare

Memory of Dust


Mirror Breaker

Old Merc’s Pal

One Side

Otherworldly Story

Pocket Grimoire

Primordial Jade Cutter

Primordial Jade Greatsword

Primordial Jade Regalia

Primordial Jade Vista

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

Prototype Amber

Prototype Archaic

Prototype Crescent

Prototype Rancour

Prototype Starglitter



Raven Bow

Recurve Bow

Royal Bow

Royal Greatsword

Royal Grimoire

Royal Longsword

Royal Spear


Sacrificial Bow

Sacrificial Fragments

Sacrificial Greatsword

Sacrificial Sword

Seasoned Hunter’s Bow

Serpent Spine

Sharpshooter’s Oath

Silver Sword

Skyrider Greatsword

Skyrider Sword

Skyward Atlas

Skyward Blade

Skyward Harp

Skyward Pride

Skyward Spine


Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Solar Pearl

Song of Broken Pines

Staff of Homa

Summit Shaper

Sword of Descension

The Alley Flash

The Bell

The Black Sword

The Flagstaff

The Flute

The Other Side

The Stringless

The Unforged

The Viridescent Hunt

The Widsith

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Traveler’s Handy Sword

Twin Nephrite

Vortex Vanquisher

Waster Greatsword

White Iron Greatsword

White Tassel


Windblume Ode

Wine and Song

Wolf’s Gravestone