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Adventure Tips
IconNameSlang# of TipsVer
Elemental BurstCombat Knowledge21.3
Obtaining EnergyCombat Knowledge11.3
An Unstoppable Force!Combat Knowledge11.3
ShieldsCombat Knowledge11.3
Attacking Weak Spots (I)Combat Knowledge11.3
Attacking Weak Spots (II)Combat Knowledge11.3
Placing Elemental SkillsCombat Knowledge11.3
Wind CurrentsCombat Knowledge11.3
HP Too LowCombat Knowledge11.3
Anemogranum...Exploration Knowledge11.3
Miraculous Anemograna (I)Exploration Knowledge11.3
Miraculous Anemograna (II)Exploration Knowledge11.3
Mysterious SeelieExploration Knowledge11.3
Plunging AttacksCombat Knowledge11.3
Elemental InfusionCombat Knowledge21.3
AnemoculiExploration Knowledge12.1
Warming SeelieExploration Knowledge11.3
Scarlet QuartzExploration Knowledge21.3
Ancient RimeExploration Knowledge31.3
SnowstormsExploration Knowledge11.3
Subzero Climate...Exploration Knowledge31.3
Mysterious Memento LensExploration Knowledge12.0
Excessive Electro...Exploration Knowledge12.0
Thunder SphereExploration Knowledge12.0
Kamuijima Cannon (I)Exploration Knowledge22.0
Kamuijima Cannon (II)Exploration Knowledge12.0
Marvelous Installation...Exploration Knowledge32.0
Inexplicable Barrier...Exploration Knowledge32.0
Electrograna...Exploration Knowledge32.0
Kujirai's Temaria GameExploration Knowledge32.0
Lightning Strike ProbeExploration Knowledge12.0
Electric Conduction?Exploration Knowledge22.0
Lightning-Struck TreeExploration Knowledge12.0
Phase GateExploration Knowledge12.0
Mysterious Pillars...Exploration Knowledge22.1
Electric LampsExploration Knowledge22.1
The Warding Stones of SeiraiExploration Knowledge32.1
Phase GateExploration Knowledge22.1
Ishine ScriptExploration Knowledge12.2
Tsurumi Island's Stormstones...Exploration Knowledge12.2
Mysterious CarvingsExploration Knowledge12.2
Tsurumi Island's "Perches"...Exploration Knowledge22.2
Places of Essence WorshipExploration Knowledge22.4
Triangular Mechanisms...Exploration Knowledge12.4
Daises of Day and NightExploration Knowledge22.4
Of Sun and MoonExploration Knowledge32.4
GhostfishExploration Knowledge12.4
Key SigilExploration Knowledge12.4
The Ominous Dark MudExploration Knowledge22.6
Cage-Shaped Geo Formations?Exploration Knowledge22.6
Unique Rock PillarsExploration Knowledge12.6
Unique RocksExploration Knowledge12.6
Oozing ConcretionsExploration Knowledge22.6
Blooming LightExploration Knowledge12.6
Smoldering FlamesCombat Knowledge11.3
Condensed IceCombat Knowledge11.3
Engulfing StormCombat Knowledge11.3
Slowing WaterCombat Knowledge11.3
The Mystical Waverider...Gameplay Tutorial32.0
NRE (Menu 30)Gadgets21.3
Portable WaypointGadgets21.3
Wind CatcherGadgets21.3
Parametric Transformer (II)Gadget11.3
Parametric Transformer (I)Gadget21.3
Omni-Ubiquity NetGadget22.3
Launch TubeGadget22.4
Lumenstone AdjuvantGadget32.6
Element Tips
IconNameSlang# of TipsVer
About HydroElemental Reactions21.3
About CryoElemental Reactions11.3
About PyroElemental Reactions11.3
Elemental Reaction: FrozenElemental Reactions11.3
Elemental Reaction: Vaporize (I)Elemental Reactions11.3
Elemental Reaction: Vaporize (II)Elemental Reactions11.3
Elemental Reaction: Electro-Charged (I)Elemental Reactions11.3
Elemental Reaction: Electro-Charged (II)Elemental Reactions11.3
Elemental Reaction: Electro-Charged WaterElemental Reactions11.3
Elemental Reaction: OverloadedElemental Reactions11.3
Elemental Reaction: SuperconductElemental Reactions11.3
Elemental Reaction: BurningElemental Reactions11.3
Elemental Reaction: SwirlElemental Reactions11.3
Elemental Reaction: Melt (I)Elemental Reaction11.3
Elemental Reaction: Melt (II)Elemental Reaction11.3
Elemental Reaction: CrystallizeElemental Reaction21.3
Enemy Tips
IconNameSlang# of TipsVer
Large Cryo SlimeNew Entry11.3
Large Geo SlimeNew Entry11.3
Eye of the StormNew Entry11.3
Wooden Shield Hilichurl GuardNew Entry11.3
Wooden Shieldwall MitachurlNew Entry11.3
Pyro Abyss MageNew Entry11.3
Cryo Abyss MageNew Entry11.3
Hydro Abyss MageNew Entry11.3
Ruin GuardNew Entry11.3
Electro HypostasisNew Entry11.3
Ruin HunterNew Entry11.3
Rock Shield Hilichurl GuardNew Entry11.3
Rock Shieldwall MitachurlNew Entry11.3
Anemo HypostasisNew Entry11.3
Geo HypostasisNew Entry11.3
Geo SamachurlNew Entry11.3
Fatui Skirmisher - Cryogunner LegionnaireNew Entry11.3
Fatui Skirmisher - Hydrogunner LegionnaireNew Entry11.3
Fatui Skirmisher - Electrohammer VanguardNew Entry11.3
Fatui Skirmisher - Geochanter BracerNew Entry11.3
Fatui Skirmisher - Anemoboxer VanguardNew Entry11.3
Fatui Skirmisher - Pyroslinger BracerNew Entry11.3
Cryo RegisvineNew Entry11.3
Pyro RegisvineNew Entry11.3
Geovishap HatchlingNew Entry11.3
OceanidsNew Entry11.3
Ice Shieldwall MitachurlNew Entry11.3
Ruin GraderNew Entry11.3
GeovishapNew Monster11.3
Primo GeovishapNew Monster11.3
Abyss Herald: Wicked TorrentsNew Entry11.4
Abyss Lector: Violet LightningNew Entry11.5
Cryo HypostasisNew Entry11.5
Mirror MaidenNew Entry12.0
Pyro HypostasisNew Entry12.0
Perpetual Mechanical ArrayNew Entry12.0
Hydro HypostasisNew Entry12.1
Thunder ManifestationNew Entry12.1
Hydro SpecterNew Entry12.1
Geo SpecterNew Entry12.1
Anemo SpecterNew Entry12.1
Rockfond Rifthound WhelpNew Entry12.2
Thundercraven Rifthound WhelpNew Entry12.2
Rockfond RifthoundNew Entry12.2
Thundercraven RifthoundNew Entry12.2
Golden WolflordNew Entry12.3
Cryo SpecterNew Entry12.4
Electro SpecterNew Entry12.4
Pyro SpecterNew Entry12.4
Primordial Bathysmal VishapNew Entry12.4
Rimebiter Bathysmal VishapNew Entry12.4
Bolteater Bathysmal VishapNew Entry12.4
Abyss Lector: Fathomless FlamesNew Entry12.4
Shadowy Husk: Standard BearerNew Entry12.5
Shadowy Husk: Line BreakerNew Entry12.5
Shadowy Husk: DefenderNew Entry12.5
Ruin SerpentNew Entry22.6
Black Serpent Knight: WindcutterNew Entry12.6
System Tips
IconNameSlang# of TipsVer
World Level Increase (I)Important Message21.3
Unlocking DomainsImportant Message21.3
Show CursorImportant Message11.3
World Level Increase (II)Important Message11.3
World Level Increase (II)Important Message11.3
World Level Increase (II)Important Message11.3
World Level Increase (II)Important Message11.3
World Level Increase (II)Important Message11.3
World Level Increase (II)Important Message11.3
World Level Increase (II)Important Message11.3
Adventure RankImportant Message11.4
World Level AdjustmentImportant Message11.4
Serenitea PotImportant Message91.5
Collecting WoodImportant Message111.5
FishingImportant Message62.1
Ornamental FishImportant Message22.1
Capacities of the CatchImportant Message22.1
Original ResinImportant Message21.3
Ley Line BlossomImportant Message11.3
Hidden & Event Tips
IconNameSlang# of TipsVer
Elemental CrucibleGameplay Tutorial61.3
Gliding ChallengeGameplay Tutorial31.3
Lost Riches TutorialGameplay Tutorial41.3
Co-Op Challenge TutorialGameplay Tutorial21.3
Lost Riches TutorialGameplay Tutorial61.3
Frostbearing Tree: Crimson AgateGameplay Tutorial21.3
Frostbearing Tree: Crimson WishGameplay Tutorial21.3
Bullseye BalloonsGameplay Tutorial31.4
Floral FreefallGameplay Tutorial31.4
Ballads of BreezeGameplay Tutorial31.4
Peculiar MysteryGameplay Tutorial31.4
Never-Ending BattleGameplay Tutorial51.6
Main Cannon, Make Ready... Fire!Gameplay Tutorial41.6
Whirlpool off to Starboard... Full Speed Ahead!Gameplay Tutorial41.6
Harpastum Bombs Loaded... Blow 'Em Away!Gameplay Tutorial31.6
The Mystical Waverider...Gameplay Tutorial31.6
Sea FogGameplay Tutorial41.6
Interacting With RingsGameplay Tutorial31.6
"Dodo-King's Painted Walls"Gameplay Tutorial31.6
"Wind-Blessed Harpastum"Gameplay Tutorial21.6
Bolt BlitzGameplay Tutorial32.0
Lightning RoundGameplay Tutorial42.0
Weaving LightningGameplay Tutorial32.0
Automaton FrontGameplay Tutorial22.0
Lost Riches: Treasure SearchGameplay Tutorial42.0
Lost Riches: ChallengeGameplay Tutorial22.0
Lost Riches: Treasure SearchGameplay Tutorial62.0
Lost Riches: Secret TroveGameplay Tutorial22.0
Lunar Realm: Special Fishing TrainingGameplay Tutorial32.1
Trail of DelicaciesGameplay Tutorial32.1
Hyakunin IkkiGameplay Tutorial42.1
Cuisine Machine Test RunGameplay Tutorial32.1
Born of the SnowGameplay Tutorial32.3
Agility TrainingGameplay Tutorial42.3
Tracker TrainingGameplay Tutorial12.3
Combat TrainingGameplay Tutorial32.3
Fellflower ChallengeGameplay Tutorial42.3
A Study in PotionsGameplay Tutorial42.4
Flameplume Starflowers: Production ChallengeGameplay Tutorial52.4
Oceanic DefenderGameplay Tutorial22.4
Bokuso Box: IGameplay Tutorial12.5
Bokuso Box: IIGameplay Tutorial12.5
Three Realms Gateway OfferingGameplay Tutorial32.5
Bokuso BoxGameplay Tutorial22.5
Guiding LightGameplay Tutorial32.5
Illusory StairwaysGameplay Tutorial12.5
The Rite of DiffusalGameplay Tutorial32.5
Illusory PlatformsGameplay Tutorial12.5
Three Realms Gateway OfferingGameplay Tutorial112.5
The Moon and Stars InscribeGameplay Tutorial22.6
Theater Mechanicus: Stage of BrillianceGameplay Tutorial52.6
The Floral CourtyardGameplay Tutorial32.6
Clash of Lone BladesGameplay Tutorial42.6
Core of the ApparatusGameplay Tutorial12.7
Meteorite ShardGameplay Tutorial21.3
Meteorite RemainsGameplay Tutorial31.3
Fallen StarGameplay Tutorial41.3
Frostborn MiracleGameplay Tutorial31.3
Wishful Drops TutorialGameplay Tutorial31.4
Places of Interest: TutorialGameplay Tutorial31.5
(Discarded) Energy AmplifierGameplay Tutorial01.5
Battlefront: Misty DungeonGameplay Tutorial41.5
WindtraceGameplay Tutorial41.5
Misty Dungeon: Realm of LightGameplay Tutorial42.3
Places of Interest: TutorialGameplay Tutorial32.3
Theater MechanicusGameplay Tutorial41.3
About Lost OculiGameplay Tutorial12.0
Theater Mechanicus: Stage of WondersGameplay Tutorial82.0
Theater Mechanicus: Stage of WondersGameplay Tutorial72.0
Sacred Sakura's FavorGameplay Tutorial22.1
Shadow of the Ancients: SurveyGameplay Tutorial22.2
Shadow of the Ancients: SamplingGameplay Tutorial32.2
Shadow of the Ancients: Anomalous Model Ruin GraderGameplay Tutorial62.2
Tuned to the World's SoundsGameplay Tutorial32.2
Labyrinth WarriorsGameplay Tutorial32.2
Labyrinth WarriorsGameplay Tutorial72.2
Time Trial GameGameplay Tutorial22.3
Place of Interest: Hiding SpotGameplay Tutorial72.3
Place of Interest: Den of ThievesGameplay Tutorial12.3
About Rescuing Little AnimalsGameplay Tutorial82.3
About the Ubiquity NetGameplay Tutorial12.3
The Great Gathering: Gameplay TutorialGameplay Tutorial22.4
The Great Gathering: Gameplay TutorialGameplay Tutorial32.4
The Great Gathering: Gameplay TutorialGameplay Tutorial42.4
The Great Gathering: Gameplay TutorialGameplay Tutorial52.4
Eight Locales Over Mountains and SeasGameplay Tutorial12.4
Lumenstone Adjuvant EnhancementGameplay Tutorial22.6
Speedy Rhythm: ScoringGameplay Tutorial22.4
Speedy Rhythm: ScoringGameplay Tutorial22.4
Speedy Rhythm: ScoringGameplay Tutorial22.4
Speedy Rhythm: ScoringGameplay Tutorial22.4
The Great Gathering: Midpoint InterceptionGameplay Tutorial12.4
The Great Gathering: Return to Safe HarborGameplay Tutorial12.4
The Great Gathering: The Key CatchGameplay Tutorial12.4
Wondrous ShadowsGameplay Tutorial32.4
Wondrous ShadowsGameplay Tutorial32.4
Wondrous ShadowsGameplay Tutorial32.4
The Great Gathering: Curio Salvage and Interrogation by NightGameplay Tutorial22.4
On the Pulse: Archery GameGameplay Tutorial22.5
Mixing DrinksGameplay Tutorial32.5
Spices From the WestGameplay Tutorial52.6
Preset DomainsGameplay Tutorial12.5
Maximum Motivation: Training ChallengeGameplay Tutorial22.6
The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong FestivalGameplay Tutorial22.7
Adding NotesGameplay Tutorial22.7
TimingGameplay Tutorial12.7
Rhythm LineGameplay Tutorial12.7
Edit and TrialGameplay Tutorial12.7
Vibro-Crystal ResearchGameplay Tutorial42.6
Normal Editing TutorialGameplay Tutorial32.7
Advanced Editing TutorialGameplay Tutorial32.7
Lag Calibration TutorialGameplay Tutorial12.7
Import Function TutorialGameplay Tutorial12.7
Save Function TutorialGameplay Tutorial12.7
Sharing Function TutorialGameplay Tutorial12.7
Confused Confuzzlement: Treasure Hunt GameplayGameplay Tutorial22.7
Realm IGameplay Tutorial42.7
Realm IIGameplay Tutorial42.7
Realm IIIGameplay Tutorial42.7
Realm IVGameplay Tutorial42.7
Visit the Realms of Guile and WarGameplay Tutorial12.7
Transportation TestGameplay Tutorial22.7
Automated ChargingGameplay Tutorial22.7
Circulation TheoryGameplay Tutorial22.7
Emergency EscortGameplay Tutorial12.7
Continued CleanupGameplay Tutorial12.7
A Muddy Bizarre AdventureGameplay Tutorial22.7
A Muddy Bizarre AdventureGameplay Tutorial42.7
A Muddy Bizarre AdventureGameplay Tutorial62.7
A Muddy Bizarre AdventureGameplay Tutorial72.7
A Muddy Bizarre AdventureGameplay Tutorial82.7
About SymbolsGameplay Tutorial22.7
Fantastic CompassGameplay Tutorial12.7
Party Lineup AdjustmentGameplay Tutorial12.7
Party Lineup AdjustmentGameplay Tutorial12.7
Party Lineup AdjustmentGameplay Tutorial12.7
Party Lineup AdjustmentGameplay Tutorial12.7
About LightshapersGameplay Tutorial22.7

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