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Dream of Wind and Flowers

Windblume Festival: Part IV
Requires AR0
SeriesWindblume Festival: Part IV
Number of Quests1
Table of Contents
Primogem x 60
Hero's Wit x 3
Mora x 30000
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1Dream of Wind and Flowers

On account of your contributions to Mondstadt, you have been chosen as this year's Windblume Star. As such, you will be making a Windblume offering to the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, on behalf of the whole of Mondstadt. That said, what on earth is a Windblume?
• Wait for the appointed time and go to the Mondstadt plaza
• Talk to Jean
• Make a Windblume offering to the Anemo Archon
• Talk to Venti
• Go to Stormterror's Lair
• Solve the issue of the disorderly wind currents in the ruins
• Talk to Venti
x 60
x 3
x 30000

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